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Is Parker Schnabel Dating? Who is His Girlfriend?

Is Parker Schnabel Dating? Parker Schnabel is among the most successful reality television personalities and gold miners. Viewers have followed his career since the very first season of Gold Rush on Discovery.

And when a television personality like Parker is on, people want to know everything about their personal lives, including who they are dating, whether they are married, etc.

Today we will examine Parker’s prior relationships and who he may be dating currently. Get more about Parker Schnabel’s girlfriend,  and relationship history in the next section.

Is Parker Schnabel Dating?

He has garnered international popularity as a result of his appearances on the Discovery Channel’s reality show Gold Rush.

Due to the popularity of the television show, he has amassed a significant fan base of ladies who are anxious to know who he is seeing. Parker has dated in the past, but he is presently unattached.


Relationship History

Ashley Youle

He has garnered international popularity as a result of his appearances on the Discovery Channel’s reality show Gold Rush. At the 2016 premiere of the seventh season of Gold Rush, he dated Ashley Youle.

She was generally polite and worked as a veterinary nurse. Parker and his ex-girlfriend ended their relationship because he was unable to dedicate sufficient time to the connection.

He realized that he had to prioritize his company’s obligations over his girlfriend.

Is Parker Schnabel Dating

Tyler Mahoney

After that, he began dating Australian gold miner and model Tyler Mahoney, age 27. Despite the fact that they were both single, fans believed the couple would end up together. The pair subsequently separated due to a lack of chemistry, leaving Parker single.

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Sheena Cowell

Then, he further perplexed his followers by sharing an Instagram selfie of himself and British miner Sheena Cowell. Supporters presume she is his new girlfriend, despite the fact that he has not formally introduced her, so she could be a buddy. Sheena Cowell, a British national, works for the cable network Knickerbocker Glory as a gold miner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Parker Schnabel and Tyler in a Relationship?

While the young woman has shared photos of herself digging for gold with Parker Schnabel in Australia for a 10-episode order of Parker’s Trail: Australia, It appears that the two share a professional relationship rather than a personal one. Currently, he is single.

Who Was the Girlfriend of Parker on Gold Rush?

Ashley Youle, Parker Schnabel’s ex-girlfriend, appeared on ‘Gold Rush.


Parker Schnabel is a successful reality television personality and gold miner who is currently unattached and dating Ashley Youle, Tyler Mahoney, and Sheena Cowell.

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