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What is Ariana DeBose’s Dating History? Latest Update!

Want to know who Ariana DeBose has been in the past? Yes, the Schmigadoon is what we’re talking about! At the Oscars 2023, the actress got starstruck by Morgan Freeman, which made the news. Putting that aside, fans have been asking about all of Ariana DeBose’s romantic relationships for a while now. Before that, let’s talk about how well-known Ariana DeBose is.

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Ariana DeBose

Ariana DeBose is an amazing actress who is best known for playing Alyssa Greene in the musical comedy film The Prom. Ariana was born in 1991 and grew up in Wilmington, North Carolina. She is now 32 years old.

What about the other roles Ariana DeBose has played? West Side Story, Blue Bloods, Hamilton, Westworld, and other shows are on the list. You probably didn’t know that Ariana has done a lot of theatres, like A Bronx Tale, Bring It On, Company, etc.

When it comes to Ariana DeBose’s past relationships, she has always been open about being lesbian. Not everyone thinks it’s a good thing to be a woman and then fall for other women. But so what? One should always be happy with who he is. Ariana hasn’t dated many people, but she seems to be living a happy life. What are they? Here is what we know about who Ariana DeBose has dated in the past.


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Ariana DeBose’s Dating History:

Jill Johnson

Ariana DeBose dated Jill Johnson from 2014 to 2017, so that’s where we’ll start when we talk about her past relationships. In case you were wondering, Jill Johnson works as a props master on Broadway.

On the sets of Motown and If/Then, they met each other. The first one was filmed in 2013. It wasn’t easy for either of them to work with the crew on the set. Jill said this about Ariana when she was asked about her: “She handled me, and I don’t know how she did it.”

Jill Johnson and Ariana DeBose didn’t start dating right away. It took them almost six months to do that, and then they started dating in a weird way. The main reason Ariana DeBose and Jill Johnson broke up was not known to the public. When fans heard the news, they were shocked because no one thought they would break up.


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Sue Makkoo

She is dating someone, yes. In other words, Sue Makkoo is another person Ariana DeBose has dated in the past. Sue is a professional costume assistant and interior designer, in case you didn’t know.

If you want to know more about her, you should know that she has worked on Broadway shows like Memphis and Hands on a Hard Body.

Ariana DeBose and Sue Makkoo met each other in 2018. Where? So, that happened on the set of Summer: The Donna Summer Musical. Both of them try to keep their relationship quiet and out of the spotlight of the media.

But in April 2022, Ariana posted a bunch of pictures with Sue, the person she liked. They were at the Oscar party for Vanity Fair. It showed how much they care for and help each other. Everything has been going well.

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Sue Makkoo is the girlfriend of Ariana DeBose. She is also a professor at the Manhattan School of Music. She may also work at the La Jolla theatre, which has been said.

Not to forget, Sue Makkoo has also changed the home of Ariana, the person she likes, in Upstate New York. It’s very clear that both of them are crazy about each other.

These two women are the only ones Ariana DeBose has dated in the past. She knew right away that she was interested in women.

We are proud of not only Ariana’s performances but also of who she is as a person. Best Wishes! Follow Ariana DeBose on Instagram to find out more about what she’s doing. We hope that Ariana and Sue Makkoo will always be as close as they are now.

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