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Are Jessie Mei Li And Ben Barnes Dating?

What do we know about Jessie Mei Li and Ben Barnes’ relationship? Yes, we’re talking about the Shadow and Bone actors whose friendship in real life didn’t show up in the movie, which surprised everyone.

In case you forgot, Jessie and Ben portrayed the characters of Alina Starkov and General Kirigan, respectively. Before we talk about how they got together, let’s talk briefly about how well-known each of them is.

Who are Jessie Mei Li and Ben Barnes?

Jessie Mei Li

Jessie Mei Li is a great actress who has been in a lot of movies and TV shows. But each of those has become successful. Some of Jessie’s most famous works are Locked Up Abroad, Strangers, Last Night in Soho, All About Eve, etc. You’ll be glad to hear that her new projects, Havoc, Kukeri, and Pork Scratchings, are about to come out.

Ben Barnes

On the other hand, Ben Barnes is known for playing Prince Caspian and is also a great actor. You should have known from the name that it was a character from The Chronicles of Narnia movies. The Big Wedding, The Punisher, and Westworld are some of Ben’s other works. He is busy making The Critic, a period thriller that is being shot right now.

In Shadow and Bone, the characters played by Jessie Mei Li and Ben Barnes hate each other. But their real relationship is nothing like what has been shown. So, do they get along? If you want to know more about the relationship between Jessie Mei Li and Ben Barnes, here is what we know.


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Are Jessie Mei Li And Ben Barnes Dating?

Well, there was something about Jessie Mei Li and Ben Barnes’s relationship that made it interesting to many people. People have wondered if Jessie and Ben are dating based on how they act when they are not in front of the camera. Why? Because they get along very well when no one is watching. It’s not just that they’re friends; they also trust each other a lot.

What’s the truth? Jessie Mei Li and Ben Barnes haven’t said anything about the rumours that they are dating. At the same time, some people have claimed that it’s nothing but related to their acting profession.

Jessie Mei Li and Ben Barnes have recently been spotted together in a flirty video. That was made while taking part in the press tour of Shadow and Bone’s Season 2.

Well, there is enough age difference between Jessie Mei Li and Ben Barnes in real life. They are each 27 years old and 41 years old. But when two people are in love, age is just a number and nothing more.

Knowing this, fans were very much convinced that Jessie Mei Li might be secretly dating her co-star, Ben Barnes. We can’t call them a couple yet because neither of them has been confirmed. That would be dangerous.

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Not to forget to mention, if you follow them on social media, you must have come across their cute pictures. Yes! Ben Barnes posts a lot of pictures of them, including one from when they were in Budapest. We don’t know if Jessie Mei Le and Ben Barnes are dating, but we do know they are very good friends. Even if they are not in love, they are best friends.


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Some crazy fans have taken the discussion of Jessie Mei Le and Ben Barnes’ relationship to social media. Well, one shouldn’t jumps to any conclusion.

Along with that, there is another strange thing. What? Ben Barnes is reported to be on Raya. In case you don’t know, it’s a dating application. What does this mean? After this, it seems like Jessie Mei Le and Ben Barnes are just friends and nothing romantic.

Best Wishes to both Jessie Mei Le and Ben Barnes for the upcoming days of their lives! We hope that their relationship, and especially their friendship, stay as strong as it is now for the rest of their lives. It is even reported that their bond is unlike any other actors in the industry.

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