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Who Is Adam Brody Dating?

Curious about who Adam Brody is dating? Adam Brody is a well-known actor who has also made a name for himself as a successful writer, musician, and producer.

The actor got his big break when he was cast as Seth Cohen in the hit Fox TV show The O.C., which first aired in 2003. After a few years, the show ended, and Brody said that even though he was lucky to be on such a popular show, he is glad to not be on it for the next ten years or so.

Adam Brody went on to be in big movies like Mr. and Mrs. Smith, In the Land of Women, and Jennifer’s Body. Adam Brody was in the hit DC superhero movie Shazam!, and he is now in the next movie in the series. Find out who Adam Brody is going out with.

Who Is Adam Brody Dating?

Leighton Meester is married to Adam Brody. Brody recently said that he’s never been afraid of getting married or having kids because he’s always known that’s where he’d end up. He was excited when it all came together when he met the right person. The actor also said that he and Meester got married quickly because it was an easy choice for them to make.

Not only that, but Adam Brody has often said that his wife is like Joan of Arc. He also said that Meester is the strongest and best person he knows. He called her his North Star and moral compass. They have had two children together.


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Meester has talked about her marriage before and said that she wouldn’t change anything about the past because she’s happy with where she is now. She thinks that’s one of the many great things about having a child and finding her soulmate, and she also feels lucky in her career because she’s where she wants to be.

How Did Adam Brody and Leighton Meester Meet?

In 2011, Adam Brody and Meester were both in the independent comedy The Oranges. Later, someone said that the two have always been good friends. In 2012, they saw each other again at a screening of The Oranges in New York City.

A year later, in 2013, tabloids said that the two were quietly dating because they went on a trip to Bangkok and were later seen at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.


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Later, Adam Brody and Meester finally made their first public appearance as a couple at the premiere of his movie, Some Girl (s).

They didn’t try to avoid the cameras, and Brody’s co-star Mia Maestro saw them holding hands and smiling while they were out.

Already in 2013, there were rumors that they were going to get married, and they were later seen kissing in South Africa. After that, they got married in a quiet ceremony that didn’t get much attention.

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Leighton Meester Gushes About Her Beau, Adam Brody!

Both Brody and Meester have tried to keep their relationship out of the public eye. However, Meester once said that she had a crush on Brody when she was younger and that she thought he was cute when his show came out.


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Not only that, but the Gossip Girl star also said that one of her best friends had a screensaver of Brody when they were about seventeen, and she saw it from a distance.

Even though her screensaver changed almost every week, Meester was drawn to the picture of Brody. This gave the actress a chance to say that they were definitely meant to be together. After getting married, they continued to work together on several projects.

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