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Who Is Dylan Sprouse Dating?

Dylan Sprouse has been a very good actor, but do you know anything about his relationship? Well, this article will tell you everything you need to know about Dylan’s dating history, including who he is dating now and who he dated in the past.

In addition to talking about Dylan Sprouse’s relationships, this article will also talk about things like what the actor said about his mother that shocked fans and the fact that Dylan was a child actor.

Dylan Sprouse

This article will tell you most of what you need to know about Dylan Sprouse. Dylan Sprouse is a very well-known actor, so you may already know a lot about his work and who his stars are. You might know him from the role he played on “The Suite Life on Deck.”

But Dylan Sprouse’s fans don’t know much about his past relationships, and since celebrities’ relationships are always a topic of conversation, they are curious about Dylan’s. Let’s read this article to get some more information.

Who is Dylan Sprouse Dating?

Dylan is a well-known actor and personality in Hollywood, so people are interested in his dating history and all the women he has dated or is dating at the moment.

If we look at the situation now, we can see that he is in love with Barbara Palvin, a well-known supermodel, and that they have been dating since 2018. Because of this, it has been a very long year since they were close.

From 2018 until now, they’ve been pretty close, so they make a good match as a couple. They also love to support each other, and the fact that their relationship is very public means that they don’t do what most celebrities do when they’re in a relationship: hide it. Fans love how well they go together and how well they fit together.


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Also, the fact that they have both said that they are perfect for each other makes people wonder if they will ever get married, even though they have been together for many years.

Dylan Sprouse Past Relationships, Everything Explained

Dylan Sprouse is a very charming actor, but before he started dating supermodel Barbara Palvin, he dated many other well-known women in the industry. Sources say that the actor’s dating life began in 2013 when he began dating a model named Dayna Frazer.

But they broke up for good in 2016, so their relationship was over for good in 2017. But before he dated Dayna, the actor also went out with the famous singer Miley Cyrus.

They began dating in 2006, and the actor confirmed that they were dating on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show in 2008.

But because their relationship was on and off, they eventually broke up and both moved on in their careers. Dylan also dated Kathleen Harles, who used to be an American voice actress.

That relationship didn’t work out either, but fans are sure that Dylan and Barbara will get married and take their relationship to the next level.

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What did Dylan say about his mother?

Cole Sprouse has been in the news a lot lately because of a bombshell confession he made on Alex Cooper’s podcast “Call Her Daddy.”

He said that he never wanted to be an actor and that his mother, who was financially irresponsible at the time, forced him and his twin brother to go into the business.


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The actor said that acting was never his passion, but that he and his twin brother had to work and act at the time because their mother, Melanie Wright, wanted them to be financially stable.

So, on the podcast, the actor said that they had been working in the industry since they were eight months old, while he had never really been interested in acting as a career.

Even though they had to start working when they were very young, most other Hollywood stars did the same, sacrificing something along the way.

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