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How Did Bobbi Kristina Brown Die?

Bobbi Kristina Brown died tragically right after her mother Whitney Houston did, which was a bit of a coincidence. Because of this, people all over the world want to know the real cause of her death and what led to her passing.

This article will look at some of the unanswered questions that millions of Bobbi Kristina fans have. For example, they want to know what happened to Bobbi, why she died, and if she was the daughter of the famous singer Whitney Houston.

Bobbi Kristina

But let’s take a look at who Bobbi Kristina was before we start this article. She was a singer and reality TV star from the United States. She did a lot of reality shows and, in the end, wanted to be like her mother because of this. In 2012, she played a major role in a TV show called For Better or Worse.

However, her sudden death led to many people speculating about the reason behind his death, which this article would be thus covering details about. Let’s look at this article to find out more.

How Did Bobbi Kristina Brown Die?

The reason for her death was very sad, which made a lot of people want to find out the truth and make guesses.

But she was only 22 when she died. On January 31, 2015, she was found dead in a bathtub at her home in Rosewell, Georgia. When her friends and some of her family found her in that position, they called 911 right away. After that, she was taken to a hospital and kept in the intensive care unit, where she was put into a coma when doctors found out what really killed her.

Cause of Death

After being in a coma for several days, she did not continue to make her way long and therefore lost the battle at just the age of 22. Later, the doctor found out that he had died from lobar pneumonia, which was caused by being submerged in water and taking too many drugs. This made her brain swell.

The results of her autopsy also showed that she had taken some of the drugs that were found in his body, such as cocaine, and that she had also taken some morphine. Therefore doctors have stated that drug intoxication was the primary cause of Bobbi Kristin’s death.

Is Bobbi Kristina Brown the Daughter of Whitney Houston?

Yes, Bobbi Kristina Brown was the only child of famous singer Whitney Houston and her father, Bobby Brown. Her mother was Whitney Houston, and her father was Bobby Brown. Thus, being the daughter of the two most iconic and biggest names in the industry, she was not far from the spotlight.

She grew up in the public eye because both of her parents were famous people. So, their daughter also grows up in a world where media and attention are important.

Whitney and Bobby’s relationship wasn’t very successful, and their marriage was mostly based on claims that one of them used drugs and cheated on the other. On the other hand, Bobbi, who was in the spotlight and got a lot of media attention, went on to land some of the biggest TV gigs because of her popularity as a star kid who grew up and got a lot of media attention.

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Even though she wanted to be a singer and dancer like her mother, she ended up getting a job as a reality TV star.

What Happened with Whitney Houston?

Whitney Houston was a legendary singer and actress who was considered one of the most talented and legendary singers in the Hollywood industry. Her personal life, on the other hand, was full of problems and controversies, like the fact that she was a drug addict.

She became famous because of her songs, but over the years she used and became addicted to a lot of drugs, including cocaine and other major drugs. This caused many of her concerts to be cancelled, and fans saw her acting strangely when she performed.

And in the end, she died on February 11, 2012, in her hotel room when she accidentally drowned because of heart disease and a long history of using cocaine.

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