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Why Did Muzan Kill Nakime?

Why Did Muzan Kill Nakime? Nakime is a Biwa musician who had a difficult time supporting herself. Her husband provided her with no financial support.

At one point, her spouse placed a wager on the dress that Nakime would wear to perform that evening. This compelled Nakime to go berserk and lose the composure she had maintained for so many years. She lost all of her faculties due to her rage.

She struck her spouse repeatedly with a hammer until he died. The audience’s disapproval of Nakime’s performance in shabby attire ensued. That night, she was trembling because she had committed an irrational act. Nonetheless, the trembling and fumbling struck a chord with the audience, who became captivated by it.

Everyone in attendance was impressed by how soulful the music was. Eventually, Nakime develops a tendency of murdering individuals prior to her performances, so she would perform as she did that night.

Who is Muzan?

Muzan is the most powerful ruler of all demons, with the ability to infuse his victims with blood that transforms them into additional demons. This is how he reproduces his abhorrent race in order to supplant humans as the dominant species on the planet.

Originally a human with a terminal illness, Muzan became the first demon as a result of an experimental treatment. In addition, he is the progenitor of the majority of other demons and the leader of the Twelve Kizuki. He is also the archenemy of the Kamado family, including Tanjiro and Nezuko.

He is the one who murdered the Kamado family, turned Nezuko into a demon, and left Tanjiro and Nezuko as orphans, prompting them to embark on a voyage to turn Nezuko back into a human and kill Kibutsuji.

Why Did Muzan Kill Nakime

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Why Did Muzan Kill Nakime?

All of this occurs during the manga’s Infinity Castle Arc. The combat between Muzan and his army and the Hashiras has just begun. After Hantengu’s dismissal, the position of Upper Moon Four has been promoted to Nakime. The Demon Slayer Corps, therefore, arrived at Ubuyashiki Castle.

Mitsuri and Obanai first confront Nakime, but are overpowered by her Blood Demon Art. Soon thereafter, Muzan showed up and challenged Tanjiro and Giyu. The Demon King believed that Nakime had vanquished two of the Hashiras she had met.

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However, both of them stood and attacked. In addition, Yushiro demonstrated his masterclass abilities by seizing control of Nakime’s vision, rendering her powerless over the citadel. Muzan appeared to be doing well with Mitsuri and Obanai, but Tanjiro( How Tall is Tanjiro? Who is Tanjiro’s Secret Admirer?) and Giyu were quick to target him.

This causes him to lose control of the wounded soldier Nakime. He realizes that he cannot simultaneously retreat Nakime and battle the Demon Slayers. Thus, Muzan crushes Nakime’s cranium, causing Yushiro to lose control of the castle, which he did because Nakime’s powers were abused. Consequently, Muzan murders Nakime in the Infinity Castle Arc.

While the murder may have been motivated by self-interest, it cannot go unmentioned that Nakime was one of Muzan’s favourites. However, this is due to her expertise, which Muzan used to summon demons into Infinity Castle. Her appearance in the series is brief but sufficient to demonstrate her value in the Twelve Upper Moons.

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