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Did CouRageJD Have A Break-Up?

Is CouRageJD single again? People who like the popular content creator are wondering why he broke up with his girlfriend, Maddie McCarthy. Well, it’s clear that their fans want to see them together, but let’s take a guess. That won’t happen anytime soon!

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CourageJD, whose real name is Jack Dunlop, is an American who makes content and streams on Twitch. When he started streaming The Call of Duty game online, the 28-year-old creator started to get noticed. Later, he switched to live streaming on Twitch, where he showed off games like Warzone, Among Us, and Fortnite.

He has over 3 million followers on social media, which makes him one of the most well-known people in video games right now. Now, his fans are looking at how he acts on social media to figure out if the 28-year-old creator is in a relationship.

Did CouRageJD Have a Breakup?

There haven’t been any rumours about CourageJd and Maddie McCarthy breaking up in a while. Even though there hasn’t been an official statement from either side that says they’ve broken up.

Fans of both CouageJd and Maddie are closely watching what they post on social media to find out if they are dating. They used to appear together a lot on live streams, but that hasn’t happened in a while. At the same time, some fans think that the couple’s absence from social media is a sign that they are splitting up.

But there is another group of supporters who are glad to get a break from all the attention during their absence.

Did CouRageJD Have A Break-Up?

Fans are worried because of the rumours going around, and they have to wait for an official confirmation. There’s no doubt that people who make content keep their fans up to date on what’s going on in their lives. Half of the people on the internet think it’s just a publicity stunt, while the other half are worried about the couple.

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Who is Maddie McCarthy?

Maddie McCarthy is well-known on social media and has a lot of followers. She has more than 41.5K followers on Instagram, and her fashion and beauty posts are very popular.

As soon as McCarthy began dating CourageJd, she got a lot of attention on social media. Since then, the influencers often showed up in his streams and posts.

People like Maddie because she always seems happy and friendly. She keeps posting on her social media pages about what she is doing, where she is going, and what she is wearing. Even though the influencer hasn’t said much about her past, everyone knows that she likes to keep her life to herself.

The couple posts about each other a lot on their page, and CouRageJD has never been shy about praising her in public.

On the date of their anniversary, CouRageJD posted pictures of Maddie he hadn’t seen before with sweet captions about how much he loved her.

He praised Maddie’s determination, infectious laugh, and beauty. He also thanked her for always pushing him out of his comfort zone, getting him out of a bad mood, and giving him a boost.

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