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Is Inosuke a Hashira? First Mission with Tanjiro and the Demon Slayer Corps!

Is Inosuke a Hashira? Inosuke Hashibara is among the most compelling characters in the Demon Slayer series. In addition to being a self-taught Demon Slayer, he has a very eccentric personality. Despite his unrefined behaviour, he is one of the series’ most adored characters.

Inosuke has several distinguishing characteristics that set him apart from other Demon Slayer characters, and his mask is among the most remarkable. And despite the fact that this article will not focus on these aspects, it will still be dedicated to Inosuke and an aspect of his story.

Specifically, we have decided to discuss his abilities and character development in this article. You will discover in our text whether Inosuke Hashibara eventually became a Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps.

Is Inosuke a Hashira?

Although Inosuke eventually attains the same level of strength as the Hashira, completes the preponderance of training, and fulfils all the requirements to become one, he never becomes a Hashira himself. The reason for this is straightforward: by the time Inosuke reached the required level, the final battle against Muzan had already begun, and when Muzan was defeated, the Demon Slayer Corps simply disbanded because there were no demons left to combat.

The remainder of this article will elaborate on Inosuke Hashibara, his abilities, and his narrative within the Demon Slayer series. We will describe how his powers evolved and when and how he attained the level of power that would have qualified him as a Hashira. In addition, we will elaborate on why he did not become a Hashira.

Is Inosuke a Hashira

Inosuke’s Peculiar Backstory: A Tale of Hard Work and Motherly Love

Inosuke has one of the most peculiar backstories in the series, but it demonstrates how hard he worked to become himself, making his efforts all the more commendable. Kotoha Hashibara, Inosuke’s mother, was the youthful wife of an unnamed, despicable man who was Inosuke’s father.

She was a beautiful young woman, as well as a caring and loving individual, and she was a kind and loving mother to Inosuke, whom she gave birth to when she was 17 or 18 years old.

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However, Kotoha Hashibara had the unfortunate circumstance of being married to an abusive spouse. He and his mother, Kotoha’s mother-in-law, tortured her, and she was beaten daily.

She had to balance her roles as a wife and mother, but when she realized she could not be a decent mother to Inosuke while being beaten by her husband and molested by her mother-in-law, she decided to risk everything and flee.

Inosuke’s First Mission with Tanjiro and the Demon Slayer Corps

Taking Insouke with her, the barefooted Kotoha fled her home and, by chance, encountered a demon. She was unaware of who the Upper Moon Doma was or how perilous Dma was. Dma was a killer, but he was also obsessed with beauty, and because Kotoha was beautiful, he decided to spare her and invite her to her Paradise Faith cult; he would soon kill her husband and his mother when they came looking for her and Kotoha, and Inosuke lived happily for a while with the cult.

Is Inosuke a Hashira
Kotoha eventually realized that Dma was consuming his adherents. She was unable to endure it and rushed away, but could only reach a cliff. Apologizing to Inosuke for her inability to protect him, she threw him over the cliff and into the river, only to be later murdered by Dma. Inosuke survived and was discovered by a group of wild boars, who raised him as their own.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Inosuke the beast Hashira?

Inosuke Hashibira, self-proclaimed “God of the Mountains,” is an eccentric character in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Inosuke was raised by wild boars in the mountains and devised his own Breathing Technique called Beast Breathing, which is based on the instincts of wild animals.

Is Inosuke Comparable to Hashira?

During the events of the Infinity Castle, Inosuke has unquestionably honed his swordsmanship to the level of a Hashira, allowing him to compete with Doma, Upper-Rank Two, in a head-to-head match.

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