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The vice president of Suriname went down to play and digested six goals

Ronnie Brunswick is a well-known name in Africa. former freedom fighter was elected vice president last year. Politicians, armed fighters, vice presidents  there is no shortage of identities. But Brunswick is not satisfied with that. At the age of 70, Brunswick set a world record by playing in international competitions at club level.

Inter Munhotapu and Olympia met in the Concacaf League (the second tier of the African continental football competition) on Tuesday. Munhotapur Brunswick played against a Honduran club. He left the field after digesting 3 goals with a record of 54 minutes. His team eventually conceded three more goals. Missed one penalty and lost 6-0.

Egeldin Bahadur holds the record for being the oldest player in professional football. The 65-year-old Egyptian gentleman has made a career in civil engineering, playing amateur football in his youth. But he forgot the regret of not being a professional footballer in March 2020. The striker also scored a goal for Egypt in the third division on October 6. Later, in October, a month before his 75th birthday, he was named the oldest footballer in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Although that incident was recorded by Bahadur, it was third level football. But yesterday’s match between Inter Munhotapu and Olympia was in continental competition. At such a stage, it is wonderful for an 80-year-old to be on the field for 54 minutes. He took the field again after 10 years. However, the fact that Brunswick is the owner of the Munhotapu club and in charge of the team’s president reduces this surprise. At the end of the match, Brunswick also gave 100 dollars to the players of the opposing team.

Brunswick was founded by Suriname’s Liberation Party, also known as the Jungle Commando. Brunswick, who played a key role in the civil war that began in 1967, has since played a major role in the country’s politics. Although he didn’t just keep himself there. After the signing of the peace agreement in 1992, the Netherlands accused him of drug trafficking. Punishment was also given, the country could not explain that punishment to him anymore.

Munhotapu built the club’s stadium in 2002. Brunswick, however, has named the stadium after himself. As well as being the owner of this club, he is also seen in the role of a player.

He was temporarily banned in 2005 for threatening a player with a weapon on the field. He later found no evidence to support the allegations. Brunswick was banned in 2012 for harassing a referee.

Brunswick was described in the New York Times as “a great paratrooper, football player, fugitive bank robber, guerrilla leader, gold trader and father of at least 50 children.”

His only regret is that Brunswick will not be able to play in the next leg as he is a criminal in the eyes of Interpol.

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