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Pakistan has been used and thrown in the dustbin

New Zealand has canceled the tour, England has also announced not to come. Pakistan cricket is once again in a state of uncertainty. Where the Pakistan cricket team is supposed to be busy with a busy schedule, there is only a void now. Everyone disappointed. Disappointed Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) new chairman Ramiz Rajao. Without any hesitation, he said that he would have been better off if he had not been the chairman of PCB. He could openly express his frustration.

Pakistan has toured England twice during the coronavirus. Certainly England has survived a large financial loss. However, when the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) was in a new crisis after the New Zealand tour was canceled, the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) announced that no team of boys or girls would visit Pakistan. “Pakistan has been used and thrown in the dustbin,” Ramiz told foreign journalists at an online press conference.

The England men’s team was scheduled to travel to Pakistan to play two T20s before the T20 World Cup. The women’s team was to play three ODIs. None of this is happening in the end. Ramiz says the ECB should have stood by them at this difficult time, “It was like helping another cricket board. I also offered to keep them at the National High Performance Center next to the field. It was more than just a cricket tour. But now it seems that they have used us. They could stand side by side holding hands, showing a little sympathy. We needed it especially after New Zealand left like this. But we did not get that from the ECB.

“Of course I’m disappointed with England’s decision not to come, but it was as expected,” Ramiz said. Because, the Western group is unfortunately united. Now you can make a decision based on any security threat or your own perception. In fact, I am angry. At first New Zealand left without saying anything. Then England did it. In fact, it is a lesson for us. Because, when they come, even if we go beyond our limits, we make room for them, we greet them. I went there again and obeyed the strict quarantine and listened to their reprimand. This is our education. From now on we will go for our own interests.

Earlier in the ICC, Ramiz had said that he would “see” New Zealand. But he said yesterday that he also knew it would not work, “Nothing will happen.” We have to look at our own financial side. Pakistan has a lot of potential. We have to become the best team in the world. So that the parties can’t make any excuse not to come. Everything has to be compensated with performance. That’s all we can do. But it is very difficult to ask for help, to ask for advice, at this stage it is very difficult for anyone to feel a little better.

After leaving New Zealand, English cricketers are in a hurry and scared, the PCB chairman refused to admit it, ‘What does that mean? And they come to Pakistan to play PSL, go to Bangladesh to play franchise cricket. Then nothing happens! ‘
‘It’s actually a remarkable contrast. You’re talking about mental anxiety, you’re talking about depression, you’re talking about players getting scared. But an hour and a half away from here, before the World Cup, they are confining themselves in a difficult environment of biological protection in Dubai. They are playing in that tournament. Seeing all this, they feel small. Honestly, removing oneself is not the answer to anything, “said Ramiz.

This was England’s first visit to Pakistan since 2005. According to the ICC’s FTP (Future Tour Program), England was scheduled to visit Pakistan again in 2022. However, Ramiz says, this time they do not want to trust. Alternative arrangements you want to have in advance. This time too, after the cancellation of the New Zealand tour, the PCB came to the doorstep of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. However, it was not possible for these two teams to visit Pakistan in such a short time. Ramiz said that Bangladesh also wanted to send a second tier team.

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