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Messi was ‘dictatorial’ in practice

Messi is gone, but Barcelona still can’t forget him. The new team PSG has not seen the form of Lionel Messi in the field game yet. But his soul mate is just beginning to feel the lack. The new season of the Champions League has started with a loss. Only 6 points came from Barcelona’s first 4 matches in La Liga.

Only time will tell if Barcelona will be able to overcome this situation. Whose job is to overcome it, he is not bothering about it. After being criticized for his coaching style, Ronald Coman has publicly stated that he does not have a player like Messi to play Tikitaka football! Messi has said many more things in praise. This is because Messi, desperate to win, behaved like an dictator in practice.

It takes time for the club’s all-time best player to recover after being left at the peak of his form. It is normal for Barcelona to take time. But the style of play of the team is burning more the supporters of the club. Forgetting the norm of passing and possession of the ball, now coach Ronald Coman is playing football with a twinkle in his eye. Koman is not responding to the criticism of the supporters. A few days ago, he said, “Barcelona still has a future because of him.”

Future patterns are not yet seen. However, Koman reminisced about the past with satisfaction. “Messi hid everything,” he told Dutch magazine Voetball International about what Barcelona looked like during Messi’s time. He was so good and he won. There were good players around him, no doubt. But he made the difference. Because of him, everyone else felt better. It’s not criticism, just my observation.

What does Coman mean when he says that those who are in Barcelona now, because they think they are much better before because of Messi, are not really that good? “I knew how good Messi was,” said Coman, referring to how Messi made the difference without elaborating. But it’s great to be able to see it up close every day. What you want to teach a football player is to understand the situation, to take the ball under pressure, to control the speed of the ball, to score goals, in the case of Messi, everything is ten, it’s not normal, it’s not normal at all!

“When we were working on finishing,” Coman said of Messi’s importance to practice. Some would simply start, have a little fun. But in Messi’s case there was always: boom, boom, boom, boom. There is no spectator, everything he is doing is working and trying to win everything.

In practice, Messi would only give himself the maximum, not so. He also wanted the highest from others. In Coman’s words, ‘Before practice we always played rondo (a game of passing a goal with one goal in the middle). If the ball was passed more than 20 times, those in the middle would have to run more than once. If this happened three times in a row, everyone would stand in two lines. And the two who failed to catch the ball, they have to go through this line. Everyone then slapped their heads. I asked Messi if anything like that had ever happened to him. He said, “Yes, once.” So many years! While he was in the team, the veterans never lost to the youngsters. This happened only once and Messi was angry about it for seven days. Truly dictatorship!

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