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Messi-Ronaldo is now a ‘normal’ footballer

When the day of flying in the sky is over, you have to land.

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo were beyond the reach of so many for their immense talent. The club has planned to surround them for season after season. The coaches have drawn the table with their dominance on the field. If you do not match the superstar!

There is an end to everything, in the words of Jibanananda, ‘even the stars have to die one day’. At the age of 34 and 36, the old days are slowly coming out of the hands of two superstars. Before, they had to lead the whole time on the field, now the coaches pick them up even when the team needs goals!

For almost a decade and a half, Manchester United coach Ole Gunnar Sulshar and PSG coach Mauricio Pachettino have viewed the two world-class footballers as ten ordinary players.

Otherwise, why their image will be at the important time of the match! In the Champions League, known as the Cristiano Ronaldo Tournament, Sullivan picked him up when Man U drew 1–1 against the Young Boys. Ronaldo, who scored the first goal for United, left the field with a black face. He was sitting face down in the dugout.

Messi’s face was no different. Messi was picked up by PSG coach Pachettino in a 1–1 draw against Lyon in the French league on Sunday. In the added time, Mauro Icardi’s goal helped PSG win in the end, but Pachettino’s message was clear তিনি he could not rely on Messi for the goal.

Like the Portuguese star, the Argentine star is not used to leaving the field as a substitute. Although Ronaldo proved his mettle by scoring full-time goals in the next match against West Ham, Messi has yet to get the chance. According to the French media Le Kip, Messi was in pain in his knee during the match, so Pachettino picked him up that day.

Whatever the reason, Messi is unaccustomed to leaving the field like this. After coming up, that feeling has appeared in his eyes. The French media has criticized him. According to statistics, Messi has left the field in a very short time in his entire career. Messi has been replaced 16 times in 371 league matches since 2010 as a sports statistics company. Of these, he had to come up 9 times due to injury.

The calculation can be made a little bigger. He has been replaced by the coach only 54 times in 554 league matches since the start of his career. Barচa coach Ronald Coman brought him in as a substitute last January, with Bar ৪a leading 4–0 when Messi stepped up in that match against Granada. But when the PSG coach picked up Messi 15 minutes before the match last Sunday, his team is still looking for a goal.

Messi’s reaction to the coach’s departure against Leo was not positive, as it is not easy to accept that the world they have been following for so long is changing. “His (Messi’s) time in Paris will be more complicated than expected,” French media outlet La Parisien reported. He’s running out. Her head is getting lower and lower. The match is not as effective as before.
But both of them are great footballers. They also know how to make ordinary time extraordinary. So it remains to be seen whether the time has really come for them like ordinary footballers!

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