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Lewis Capaldi How I’m Feeling Now: When Will It Be Released?

Lewis Capaldi How I’m Feeling Now Release Date: This month, Lewis Capaldi announced that he will release a documentary titled How I’m Feeling Now.

Since becoming a household name in 2019 with his debut hit single ‘Someone You Loved,’ the Scottish sensation will provide fans with an in-depth look at his career thus far.

Since announcing the publication of his upcoming documentary, Lewis has spoken openly about how ‘weak’ he feels to share an intimate glimpse into his life, revealing he is ‘terrified’ for it to be released.

When will Lewis Capaldi’s documentary be released, and how can I view it?

Lewis Capaldi How I’m Feeling Now

Two and a half years have gone into the creation of Lewis’ documentary, which will follow the ‘Before I Go’ singer’s return to his parent’s house in West Lothian as he begins working on his second album and strives to reconnect with his pre-fame existence.

A trailer for How I’m Feeling Now was released on March 16, revealing a better understanding of Lewis’ mental health challenges as well as his candor on camera.

The documentary will be broadcast one month prior to the May 19 release of Lewis’ second album, ‘Broken By Desire To Be Heaven Sent.’

Lewis Capaldi: How I’m Feeling Now Release Date

How I’m Feeling Now will be available to stream on Netflix beginning April 5, 2023.

Lewis initially announced the documentary in a Netflix-style video, dressed as characters from the streaming service’s most popular episodes, ranging from Bridgerton and Wednesday to Squid Game and Money Heist. Are you interested to know what is Lewis Capaldi’s net worth in 2023?

Lewis Capaldi How I'm Feeling Now Release Date

Lewis described the Song in a Statement to His Fans!

Lewis described the song in a statement to his fans, informing them that it was the last song he wrote for his forthcoming album ‘Broken By Desire To Be Heaven Sent’.

He went on to explain that it’s about his mental health, a subject he’s never really written about before, but he hopes that his audience can relate to the track in some way’.

The second slide of his speech stated, ‘The film is titled ‘How I’m Feeling Now,’ after a song I wrote that will be released at midnight on March 17th.


It’s the last song I composed for my upcoming album, and it’s all about my mental health, a subject I’ve never really addressed in my music before.

As much as the last five years have been the finest of his life, he added, “I would be lying if I said there haven’t been some really terrible periods in my life, and that’s what this song is about.”

“I understand that the last few years have been and continue to be difficult for everyone, so hopefully you can relate to the song in some way, and it could be comforting to know that someone else is in a similar situation as you, I know it would be for me.”

Unsurprisingly, fans are quite enthusiastic about the new song and documentary. Mimi Webb commented on Lewis’s post,’ so ready for this you’re the best!’ Another commented, ‘Respect for creating this, I’m sure it will benefit others:’.

Lewis went on to state that he is “very proud” of the April 5th premiere of the Netflix documentary of the same name. The documentary follows Lewis as he attempts to blend home, normalcy, and everything he has ever known with his life as a global superstar.

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Lewis Capaldi’s documentary ‘How I’m Feeling Today’ will follow his return to his parent’s house in West Lothian as he works on his second album.

Lewis Capaldi’s new song ‘How I’m Feeling Now’ is about his mental health and the Netflix documentary of the same name, which follows his attempts to blend home, normalcy, and everything he has ever known.

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