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Dave Season 3 Release Date: The Wait Is Almost Over!

Dave Season 3 Release Date: According to the official network synopsis, during Season 3, the eponymous rapper will embark on his first headlining tour “while searching for love along the way.”

“But, as Johnny and the gang tour the United States, they learn firsthand how diverse the country’s cultural environment is and how often fame puts strain on love and friendship.” What is the release date of Dave Season 3? Where I can watch it?

Dave Season 3 Release Date

Filming for the third season of the comedy series concluded on December 22, 2022, as announced on Instagram by Dave Burd (aka Lil Dicky). Dave Season 3 is slated to premiere on FXX on April 5, 2023, with a two-episode season premiere, less than a year after the conclusion of Season 2.

Dave Season 3

Throughout the first two seasons of Dave, the rapper grappled with his fear of popularity, failure, losing his friends, and heartbreak that hindered his capacity to create songs.

By the conclusion of Season 2, Dave matured and realized what he stood to lose if he did not return to earth and stop doing the worst to become first.

The series has become increasingly weird, with the rapper experiencing visions of eating his friend’s bodily parts, seeing an extraterrestrial version of himself in an alternate world of musical meditation, and attempting to undertake a medical procedure in the middle of a live television performance. With the rapper’s distinctive visual flair, Season 3 is anticipated to be even more bizarre.

David Burd will undoubtedly reprise his role as himself. Following the release of the music video for his song “Ex-Boyfriend” on YouTube in 2013, the rapper came to prominence.

Dave Season 3 Release Date

The song, which describes the feelings experienced after meeting your girlfriend’s sexier ex-boyfriend, garnered over one million views within twenty-four hours, making Lil Dicky a viral sensation.

Two years later, Burd published his debut album, Professional Rapper, for which he had written the lyrics. In the years that followed, Lil Dicky collaborated with artists such as Snoop Dogg, T-Pain, and Brendon Urie.

In addition, he collaborated with the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation to compose a song on the environment and climate change.

In March of 2020, the dramatized depiction of the rapper’s ascent to prominence, Dave, aired. His background, commercial career, and medical condition that led to his stage name are portrayed accurately in the show.

Dave Season 3 Trailer

Where to Watch Dave Season 3?

The third season of the weird comedy will also be available to view on Hulu, where you can also locate the first two seasons and catch up on the strange, neurotic, and dizzying antics the rapper and his buddies get into on their journey to stardom.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ally in Season 3 of Dave?

This includes Dave Burd a.k.a. Lil Dicky as the title character, GaTa as his on-screen counterpart, Andrew Santino as Mike, Taylor Misiak as Ally, Travis Bennett as Elz, and Christine Ko as Emma (you might recognize Ko from her role in the Season 2 cast of Only Murders In the Building).

What Happened to Season 3 of Dave Alone?

Dave Nessia was a fan favorite from season 3, however, he had to be evacuated for medical reasons. Even though his camp housed plenty of fish, he was not eating enough, causing him to progressively starve. Dave planned to preserve the fish he had in order to survive for an additional month. He spent a total of 73 days in the woods.

Is Dave Based on an Actual Event?

Dave Burd conceived and stars in the series, which is partially based on his life as the white rapper “Lil Dicky.” Jeff Schaffer, who was an executive producer on Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and The League, cocreated the sitcom.


Dave Season 3 is set to premiere on FXX on April 5, 2023, with a two-episode season premiere. It follows the rapper’s journey from fear of popularity, failure, and heartbreak to success. Dave Alone is a weird comedy based on the life of Lil Dicky and is available to view on Hulu.

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