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IPL 2023: “It’s My Discretion,” R Ashwin Reveals Umpire’s Words Over Controversial Wide Call During RCB-RR Clash!

RCB and RR played the 32nd match of IPL 2023 on April 23 at Chinnaswamy Stadium. After a controversial wide call, senior off-spinner R Ashwin had a long, animated talk with the umpires.

In the 13th over of RCB’s innings, the event happened. Glenn Maxwell moved away from his stumps just before Ashwin threw the ball, but he went back to his original position as soon as the ball was in the air.

So, the bowler changed his line, and the judge called it wide. This made Ashwin a little angry, so he asked RR captain Sanju Samson to look into the call.

A little over two weeks after the game, Ashwin talked about what happened on his YouTube account.

“Both of Maxi’s legs were on the wide line outside leg. As soon as I threw the ball, he hit it between the wickets, so it was called wide. When I asked Michael Gough who the referee was, he said, “It’s up to me.”

“When I started to run in, Maxwell went outside the leg stump to that wide line, and when I followed him, he went back to the stumps and had it called a wide. I even referred it …”

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The TV judge looked at the game from every angle and agreed with the call made on the field. Ashwin could be seen fighting with Michael Gough as the decision was being made.

The experienced candidate also said what he thought about fielding teams being able to send wide and no-balls.

“There have been reviews of wide no ball, etc., but I still think it needs to be tweaked. “Even the umpires are trying to get used to it,” said Ashwin.

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