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Oli London Plastic Surgery: How Has London Been Able to Afford $300,000 Worth of Cosmetic Surgery?

Oli London Plastic Surgery: Oli London is a British actor, performer, and influencer with a massive global following on YouTube.

London spoke exclusively with Fox News Digital on Monday about his process of detransitioning back to a man after living as a transgender woman for the past six months, and now he’s discussing the $300,000 price tag of his numerous procedures.

London, who was born a Caucasian male, desired to look like a South Korean woman and underwent 32 surgeries to achieve his desired appearance.

Oli London Plastic Surgery

“I began having surgeries in 2013 when I lived in Korea,” he tells Fox News Digital. “I was always dissatisfied with my appearance and used to be teased and bullied daily for the way I appeared, particularly my nose.

I desired to be attractive and accepted by others and thus began my never-ending journey to achieve the ideal appearance.

The Motivation Behind a $300,000 Cosmetic Surgery Journey

London explains that he has undergone surgical procedures in multiple nations, including Armenia, China, Poland, Korea, and Turkey.

“$300,000 on 32 surgical procedures over nine years, including skin whitening injections to appear more Korean, fat burning injections in my stomach, vampire facials, and all the fillers and Botox,” reveals London.

What was his most expensive operation? A $70,000 comprehensive makeover in Korea that included “jaw surgery, chin surgery, cheekbone shaving, nose surgery, facial bone shaving, and reshaping all on the same day.”

London also revealed that, contrary to popular belief, he did not use insurance to cover the $300,000 surgical expenses. Instead, he paid independently.

Oli London Plastic Surgery

“I always pay by myself,” he declares. “I do not believe in stealing money from others or from those in need of crucial medicinal procedures… I would never want or expect insurance or a health care system to cover my desire to alter my appearance.

In addition, he explains that he has undergone surgery in countries outside the United States where his insurance did not cover the costs.

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How Has London Been Able to Afford $300,000 Worth of Cosmetic Surgery?

“I do extremely well on social media, especially on TikTok,” he says. Thus, I receive many brand sponsorships.

Despite his decision to reverse his gender transition, London does not regret the astronomical costs he incurred to achieve his desired appearance as a Korean woman.

Recently, he entirely shaved off his hair, which he views as the beginning of his journey back to manhood. Previously, he disclosed to Fox News Digital that the past six months of living as a woman have provided him with a greater understanding of his identity.

“I’ve had so much plastic surgery that I’m happy and blessed with my new appearance,” London says. “I don’t even recognize the person I once was, so it’s a blessing that I eventually found good doctors who made my face more Korean and adorable.

I feel as though I have reached a point in my life where I am just trying to find myself as a person and realizing that there is much more to life than pursuing perfection and attempting to appear a certain way.”

If there is one lesson to be learned from London’s nearly decade-long voyage of drastically altering his appearance, it is that he aspires to be a voice for those who have transitioned and then decided to detransition.

“This is one of the reasons I chose to speak publicly about my detransition and surgeries in an effort to assist young people who may be experiencing similar identity issues,” London explains. “I want to reassure them that the only thing that matters is their inner beauty. We must discover love within our hearts in order to accept and cherish ourselves as we are.

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