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Has Sara Ali Khan Broken Up With Shubman Gill?

Sara Ali Khan is a big star in Bollywood. When it comes to her personal life, news about who she is dating and who her current boyfriend is is always in the news. But right now, the question of whether she and Shubman Gill have broken up is making most of her fans and netizens confused.

This article will look at everything there is to know about Sara and Shubman’s relationship, including when they met if they broke up, and what’s going on between Shubman and Sara.

But before we start this article, let’s take a look at why Sara Ali Khan’s personal life has always been in the news. As the daughter of Saif Ali Khan, she has always been in a relationship with someone, from the late actor Sushant to Kartik. The media has linked her with every star on the planet, but this time she is mostly linked with the cricketer Shubman Gill.

Has Sara Ali Khan Broken Up with Shubman Gill?

People all over the internet think that Sara Ali Khan and Indian cricketer Shubman Gill must be dating or are dating because of pictures of them having dinner together that were all over the internet.

No one denies that they were dating, but in the past few days, it seems like everything has changed. It’s been all over the internet and in the news that the two have broken up, but why?


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Well, Sara Tendulkar, who is Sachin Tendulkar’s daughter, is said to be the reason for this. Since Shubam dated Sara before he dated Sara Ali Khan, the rumor is that he has moved back in with Sara and ended his relationship with Sara Ali Khan.

Well, what might be true or false can only be clarified and confirmed when there are signs or confirmations from both sides. In the end, fans of Sara Ali Khan and Shubam really liked how they worked together so far.

How Did Sara and Shubman’s Relationship First Start?

Well, all of this turned out to be true when pictures of Sara Ali Khan and Shubam having a very casual dinner together were leaked. But at first, when they were asked separately about their relationship, they didn’t fully believe it was how things really were between them.

When asked about his relationship with Sara Ali Khan on the recent Punjabi actress Sonam Bajwa’s show Dill Diyan Galla, he said that they were good friends and that he might or might not be dating her. This led to the rumor that he might be interested in her and that they are dating.


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But if you look at Sara’s past relationships, she has been with some of the biggest stars in Bollywood, like the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput and Kartik Aryan. Her relationship with both of them was liked and supported by her fans since she was in a movie with both of them. But when Sushant died in a terrible accident and she broke up with Kartik, they could no longer be together.

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Is Shubman Gill Back with Sara Tendulkar?

Before dating Sara Ali Khan, the cricketer Shubman was with Sara Tendulkar, but sources say that they had some problems in their relationship. Now, based on the picture of a cup of coffee that they both posted on Instagram, it looks like something is actually cooking between them.


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Fans think that Gill might get back together with Sara Tendulkar since he broke up with Sara Ali Khan. But no matter what happens, whether he’s dating the actress Sara or Sara Tendulkar, it’s his choice and we can’t say anything about it. Fans, on the other hand, really like the relationship he has with both of them.

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