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Matt Stonie Net Worth: From Competitive Eater to YouTube Star!

American Matt Stonie is a competitive eater, a YouTube star, and a big deal on social media. After winning the 2015 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, he became well-known.

Most people eat to live, but Matt Stonie, a speed eater, lives to eat. In 2011, he started competing in major league eating contests.

By 2015, he shocked the world by beating Joey Chestnut, who had won the contest eight times before, at Nathan’s Infamous International Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Since then, Stonie has turned his love of food into a full-time job by keeping his spot as one of the best competitive eaters in the world.

American Matt’s Biography

Full Name Matthew Kai Stonie
Nickname Matt, Megatoad
Age 30 years old
Date Of Birth May 24, 1992
Birth Place San Jose, California,
United States
Nationality American
Hometown San Jose, California
Height 5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
Weight 59 kg (130 lbs)
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Dark Brown
Father Dorian Stonie
Mother Cathy Stonie

Matt Stonie’s Early Life

Matt Stonie was born on May 24, 1992, in the California city of San Jose. His family comes from Japan, the Czech Republic, and Lithuania. Matt’s father, Dorian Stonie, worked as a procurement manager for a computer company. Matt’s mother, Cathy Stonie, stayed at home to raise Matt and his younger brother, Morgan. Matt never really intended to get into competitive eating.


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When Stonie was 17, he went on vacation with his family to Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. Then he heard that there was a lobster roll eating contest at a restaurant only five minutes from where he was staying.

At the time, Matt was a broke high school student in San Jose who went to Evergreen Valley High School. So, he chose to enter the contest with a grand prize of $1,000.

He beat the man who was supposed to win by half a lobster roll, and after that Matt was really interested in eating competitions. Matt went to Mission College in Santa Clara, California, after high school. He majored in nutrition there.

Matt was still pretty broke when he was in college, so to keep from going hungry he started entering local food-eating contests where the prize was usually something simple like a free T-shirt.

He decided to take his hobby more seriously and work hard to become the best competitive eater in the world.


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Early Career

About a year after winning his first amateur title, Matt joined the Major League Eating Association so he could compete in sanctioned events all over the world. Matt had to put his nutrition studies on hold to do this, which made his parents worry a little bit.

Mat’s first competition was the Stockton Deep Fried Asparagus Challenge in California, which he took part in in 2011. But it’s never easy to be the best at something, and even though Matt was good at speed eating from the start.


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For one thing, his body had to learn how to deal with all the calories he was eating. This meant that at the beginning of his career, he often came out of competitions feeling bloated and thirsty. That’s when Matt realized that taking care of his health was just as important as anything else.

During one of his interviews, he said that he works on his cardio and weights at the gym five times a week.

After every high-calorie workout, he runs for a couple of hours as part of his normal routine. Matt can now burn as many as 10,000 calories in 24 hours of training.

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Matt Stonie’s Net Worth

It is thought that Matt Stonie’s net worth will be around $3 million in 2023. He is one of the most influential and well-known people on the internet, and he is ranked number 4 among competitive eaters in the Major League Eating.

Matt Stonie was 18 years old when he took part in the Stockton Deep Fried Asparagus Championship in 2011.

He was the youngest person to ever take part in the event. Matt broke a record early in 2021 when he ate everything on the menu at MrBeast Burger in 10 minutes and 23 seconds.


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As for how he makes money, he makes a lot of money by taking part in eating contests. And has done well for himself already. Matt’s YouTube channel has a huge number of fans, which helps him make a good amount of money.

He also makes money from advertising for big brands like Honey Science Corp., Dollar Shave Club, Tide, AT&T, and many more. Matt Stonie’s popularity and wealth are both growing all the time. About $500,000 a year comes in from him.

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