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Are Indiana and Zach Broken Up?

Since the day she started dating Zach Justice, Indiana Massara has been in the news a lot. Fans want to know the truth about her relationship with Zach because there are a lot of rumors about it right now.

Was Indiana unfaithful to Zach? This is a question that fans think about a lot because they want to know what’s really going on in their relationship. This article will tell you everything you need to know about the inside of their relationship.

But first, it’s a lot more likely that you don’t know who Indiana and Zach are. So, Indiana Massara is an Australian singer, actress, model, and internet personality.

In terms of her career, she is mostly known for her roles, such as Paige in the 2021 film Hero Mode. Her upcoming role as Jess in the film The Crusades is also in the lead, which would definitely give her career a much bigger boost on screens.

Zach is also a well-known person on the internet, and he constantly posts funny and point-of-view videos to his TikTok account.

With the kind of content he posts on Instagram, the star has even gotten over 4.8 million followers. This is the main reason why this star has become more popular on social media.

Are Indiana and Zach Broken Up?

Indiana and Zach’s relationship has been public knowledge for a few days, but it seems like they have broken up now. Neither of them is talking to the other, and that was clear when Indiana left the podcast Dropouts without even talking about her relationship with internet star Zach.


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So, netizens were quick to point out that something had happened between them, which made it seem like they weren’t talking to each other. But before, their relationship was based on love for each other, and they were seen together at some big celebrity events. Now, fans haven’t seen them at any of those events, so it seems like they’re avoiding each other.

But it’s not clear what the real reason is, and it looks like things are getting worse for them, which has hurt their relationship a lot.

Did Indiana Cheat on Zach?

Well, Indiana explained in one of the Dropout podcasts that even though she and her ex-boyfriend didn’t get along very well, he also cheated on her.

However, she did not mention who it was, and it has been however confirmed by the fans that it might be Zach, so therefore, it might be possible that Zach might have cheated on Indiana, and that’s become the reason for their breakup.


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Also, in one of her TikTok Videos, she even revealed sarcastically that her ex broke into her house and thereafter held her hostage for three straight years. However, we don’t actually know who the person actually was, but it wouldn’t take too long for the fans to find out who that would be.

However, she also mentioned that also, again, one of her ex-boyfriends, Jay Ulloa was very toxic to her and, therefore, he was very violent towards her.

There have been not enough details shared by the actress regarding how it turned out to be violent, but it was quite confirmed from their relationship that they did not have a healthy relationship with each other.

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When Did Indiana And Zach Start Their Relationship?

Indiana and Zach were already known to be close friends, which may be why they got even closer and then told people about their relationship.


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But at the beginning of their relationship, they stopped sharing some of their private moments off-screen, which kind of showed that Indiana and Zach had been close friends for a while before they started dating. But now, the cheating rumors and other things show that something might be wrong between them.

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