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Are Camille Lamb And Ben Willougby Still Together?

Want to know if Ben Willoughby and Camille Lamb are still together?

Yes, we’re talking about the couple from Below Deck, whose relationship has always made a lot of sense. After Season 10 of the show, both Camille and Ben became well-known because they were on it.

Before we talk about what’s going on between them (well, that will be a spoiler), let’s take a quick look at how important Camille and Ben are.

Camille Lamb was on American Idol in 2021, and that’s just the beginning. Camille has been interested in sailing since she was 9 years old. She comes from a family of merchant mariners, so she grew up around boats. She is, in short, a yachtie.

She just turned 24. Ben Willougby, on the other hand, is from Australia and has said that he is an “ocean child at heart.” In 2020, he joined the crew of a mega yacht based in France. He has been a deckhand for a long time.

The relationship between Camille Lamb and Ben Willoughby has always been good. As soon as they met, there was a spark between them. Well, since the Season 10 finale of Below Deck hasn’t aired yet, there will be spoilers in this piece, so get ready. Yes. Here are the answers to your questions about whether Camille Lamb and Ben Willoughby are still together.

Camille Lamb And Ben Willougby’s Relationship Update

Captain Sandy fired Camille Lamb because she didn’t care about her job. After that, she moved to Mississippi, which made Ben sad and eventually disappointed her. In the episodes of Season 10 of Below Deck, we saw how quickly Camille Lamb and Ben Willoughby fell in love.


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But when Camille was fired from the show, people began to wonder if they were no longer together. How do you feel?

So, it’s possible that Camille Lamb and Ben Willoughby are still together. In other words, even though they lived far apart, they seemed to be doing well, at least for now. In more detail, Camille lives in Florida, while Ben is in Australia, as was already said.

Ben said that his love for Camille was like a romantic movie when he was asked about it. Wow! If you follow their Instagram account now, you will see a lot of their pictures.

We don’t know if that’s a way for the people who watch Below Deck to keep guessing about their relationship until the end. Still, it seems likely that they like each other. Ben is thought to have thought about Sara and Jonathan in Serendipity, which is the movie. Have you seen it yet?


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Some people even say that since Camille Lamb lost her job, she and Ben Willoughby are no longer dating. Why? That’s because Ben said they had a lot of fun together on the boat. He thought there were only the two of them.

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He said in the podcast, “It was so great to be there with her at that time. We were really just there for each other on this boat. She was going through a tough time, and I think she leaned on my shoulder to get through it.

Well, the next idea could also be true. What’s the meaning of that? Ben Willoughby and Camille Lamb might not still be together. There are no changes. No matter what Ben Willoughby and Camille Lamb do on the show Below Deck, it’s clear that they are good friends. We don’t know if they have feelings for each other or not. But there is no bad blood between them, even though they broke up. Good luck to both of you! Let’s just wait until the end of Below Deck’s 10th season.

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