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Does Takemichi Get Stronger in Tokyo Revengers? Is Takemichi the More Capable Fighter?

Does Takemichi Get Stronger in Tokyo Revengers: While there are many fascinating people to meet in Tokyo Revengers, each with their own tragic and convoluted histories, the plot has primarily focused on Takemichi Hanagaki. Many viewers of Tokyo Revengers have wondered if Takemichi gets stronger after seeing him struggle and even fail to hold his own in a fight against others, despite being the series’ main character.

Does Takemichi Get Stronger in Tokyo Revengers?

Takemichi isn’t the toughest person in Tokyo Revengers or even the toughest anime protagonist, but he does seem to be getting more powerful as the plot develops. In spite of the overwhelming odds against him and the fact that he consistently loses too much more powerful opponents, he manages to stay up with them.

And yet, despite all this, Takemichi’s greatest asset is not his physical strength (or lack thereof). It was reported that he had not become stronger physically since he was a teenager. However, he possesses exceptional traits that drive him to succeed where the most powerful Tokyo Revengers characters have failed, and he never gives up no matter how difficult the task at hand.

Does Takemichi Get Stronger in Tokyo Revengers

Takemichi has showed unbelievable tenacity, and he won’t give up as long as he still has a pulse. He keeps trying to go back in time until he gets it right, despite being punched, kicked, stabbed in the back, having a gun held to his head, and more.

When Did Takemichi Decides to Fight Alone?

In Chapter 234 of Tokyo Revengers, Takemichi decides to fight alone despite the fact that he knows he would likely be defeated and possibly murdered. He denies help and stays put rather than flee in an effort to safeguard his loved ones.

Many of the series’ antagonists, including the series’ arguably villain Mikey, who can easily dispatch a number of opponents but is unable to deal with his inner pain and anguish, are shown to have significant internal faults throughout Tokyo Revengers. This is a refreshing take on the genre thanks to its unique writing style and sympathetic main character, set against the backdrop of Tokyo Revengers.

Fans of the anime genre could say that Takemichi is physically weak and ineffectual, and they might be partially right. Although Takemichi’s development deviated from the norm, he eventually demonstrated a level of resiliency and strength that could theoretically outmatch that of any opponent.

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You can thank Diavolo for the video down below, which gives you an in-depth look at Takemichi’s development and how he grows stronger over time.

That wraps up the strength and growth of Takemichi in Tokyo Revengers. Takemichi may lack the martial prowess of some of anime’s most recognizable characters, but he more than makes up for it with his incredible resoluteness and fortitude.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Takemichi the More Capable Fighter?

Takemichi, the main character of Tokyo Revengers, has never been able to hold his own in a physical confrontation. Although his companion Akkun may have claimed as much during his bout with Kyomasa, that does not mean he is a poor fighter.

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How Potent is Takemichi, Exactly?

Takemichi is still as feeble as he was in middle school, but it doesn’t make him a weak guy. On the contrary, he’s a powerful hero and one of the most formidable figures in Tokyo Revengers.


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