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Is Hild in Vinland Saga Based on A Real Person? latest Update in 2023!

Is Hild in Vinland Saga Based on A Real Person? It’s common knowledge that there’s a lot of variety in today’s manga and anime, yet even with so much to choose from, some series manage to stand out.

An example of such a book is Vinland Saga, which stands out from the crowd thanks to its authentic material, its focus on European history as opposed to Asian (Japanese or Chinese) history, and its faithful description of actual historical events.

In Vinland Saga, this is also true of the characters, who are largely fantastic and are based on real persons from history. Here, we’ll discuss Hild from Vinland Saga and let you know for sure if she was inspired by a real person or not.

Who is Hild in Vinland Saga?

The Norwegian huntress Hild. She had been an amateur inventor and carpenter before her hamlet was assaulted by Askeladd’s band and she lost her entire family. After meeting Thorfinn years later, she attempted murder. In light of his stated intention to establish a peaceful society, she decides to spare him and join him, however, she guarantees that she will murder him should he ever abandon this goal.

Is Hild in Vinland Saga Based on A Real Person?

Many of the fictional characters in the Vinland Saga are based on genuine historical figures, as any reader of the series would know. While Yukimura gives each character their own unique treatment in the original manga, most of them are based on real people, either directly or indirectly.

The reason we are asking this of ourselves regarding Hild is not that there are no original characters in the series. Do we have an original character here, or is Hild inspired by someone else?

_Is Hild in Vinland Saga Based on

So far as we can tell, Hild is a completely original creation. As we’ve established, she’s only been a part of the Vinland Saga universe for a short period of time, so there’s still a lot to find out about her in the forthcoming chapters, but so far, we have seen no evidence that she’s based on a real person, making her a completely original creation.

As far as we can tell, she does not exist outside of someone’s imagination. Yukimura may spring a surprise on us as the story progresses and we learn more about Hild, but that is something we cannot know at this time and will have to wait and see.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Real in Vinland Saga?

Thorfinn’s narrative in the Vinland Saga has striking parallels to that of Thorfinn Karlsefini. Thorfinn Karlsefini is an Icelandic national and the great-grandson of Thord Bjarnson, as recorded in Icelandic history.

Who is the Primary Antagonist in Vinland Saga?

Vinland Saga’s main adversary, Floki, hired Askeladd to kill Thors, a former friend. This deed was responsible for setting in motion the majority of the series of events, and it led to Thorfinn’s tragic downfall.

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