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Numi Face Reveal: When Did She Join YouTube?

Numi Face Reveal: In this article, we will explain the Akuma Nihmune, Numi  Face Reveal, so please read on to find out more about Akuma Nihmune, a virtual YouTuber who posts videos in English independently.

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Numi Face Reveal

Numi calls herself a 7 ft. 13 in. season demon switch and boasts about her intimidating appearance. Despite this, it’s a common theme in her conversations for others to criticize her for being too short, too pretty, or too degenerate.

She’s quite pleasant to interact with when streaming, and her energy is upbeat and pleasant. Their conversational behaviour suggests that she is a combination of the worst and the best of both worlds. While she is most often seen as a “Just Chatter,” she also occasionally performs as a singer, songwriter, and VA on streams.

Numi Face Reveal

She loves the responses she gets when she talks about her amazing life events with her chat friends. However, her identity remains concealed.

When Did Numi Join YouTube?

Numi Vtuber is a YouTuber. Akuma Nihmune, an independent English Virtual YouTuber, made her debut on the platform on November 19, 2021. She posts videos on Tiktok and YouTube and broadcasts on Twitch. She has released one album and two extended plays as a musician.

The sum of all the views on her videos on YouTube is over 220 million, and she has about 310 thousand subscribers.

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Numi Face Reveal Video

The public is demanding that she reveal who she really is. But she hasn’t made an appearance before now. She said her main character, a young woman, is demonic and human in equal parts and prone to awful acts. Her purple hair and emerald eyes make her look demonic.

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Numi’s Net Worth

The total wealth of Nihmune is $200,000. (estimated). She makes most of her money from Twitch and her music. She participates in the Twitch Partner Program to monetize her channel. Advertisements, donations, and fan support are her main sources of income. In addition, she has a number of personal sponsorships and subscription schemes that bring in additional cash.

Currently, she has 4,727 paying subscribers, as verified by TwitchTracker. It can be calculated that she receives at least $11,000 each month from subscriptions alone. Adding a sponsor to one of her streams would significantly increase her income.

As for the music itself, she makes money off of people listening to her original songs online. Typically, you can find her music on streaming services like YouTube and Spotify. In case her songs are played frequently, she could earn a lot of money. In addition to them, she also runs a web store called She has listed a variety of merchandise, not just clothes, including posters, stickers, and hats.

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