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How Old is Marin Kitagawa? Who is the Voice of Marin Kitagawa?

How Old is Marin Kitagawa? My Dress-Up Darling opens with a flying Marin Kitagawa crashing into Gojou’s desk. At that time, when wearing her school uniform, she looks like any other high school girl, except that she is noticeably more attractive than her peers and is unmistakably a gyaru.

However, Marin seems much older when she dresses up in cosplay clothes, notably when she cosplays as Black Lobelia and, subsequently, as Veronica and Liz the Succubus. How Old is Marin Kitagawa?

Marin Kitagawa Appears in Which Anime?

You probably know from which anime Marin Kitagawa is featured, thus this question is ridiculous. This is a fair question, though, if you haven’t seen the show and have just heard her name in passing on one of the internet’s many social media platforms or in a meme or video.

Anime fans may look forward to 2021’s My Dress-Up Darling, which features the character Marin Kitagawa. The manga, created by Shinichi Fukuda and serialized starting in January 2018, serves as the basis for the anime.

The show’s female protagonist, Marin Kitagawa, and her male counterpart, Wakana Gojo, are two of the most central figures.

How Old is Marin Kitagawa?

Marin is 15 when the anime series begins. This coming March 5th is her special day. Since Gojou also turns 15 this year, on March 21, they are only separated by a few weeks in age.

Marin is older than Juju’s sister Shinju, yet she is just two years younger than Juju herself while looking much older. While Shinju is in middle school, her exact age is never revealed.

How Old is Marin Kitagawa

Who is the Voice of Marin Kitagawa?

Many well-known anime roles have grown so popular due to the way their voice actors have brought their personalities to life. The experience will be ruined if your favourite characters are voiced by less-than-stellar actors.

Thankfully, that is not the case with Marin Kitagawa, since she has top-notch voice actors working on her behalf. Hina Suguta provides her character’s Japanese voice, and Amanda Lee provides her English voice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Did Marin Scribble on Her Shins, Exactly?

Gojo’s cooling seems more sexual than the count marks on Marin’s thigh, honest to God (which is an indication of how many times the character has had sexual intercourse).

Marin Has 17 Tattoos on Her Thighs; Why?

Shizuku has the number seventeen written on her thighs, just below her underpants, to show the exact number of times she has had sex. Since the number 17 is written in Chinese telegraph symbols, Shizuku has added one telegraph mark for each sexual encounter she has had.

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Is Marin a Blackface Performer?

Marin does blackface instead of going to the extent of adopting the character’s clothing and mannerism, which would have rendered her recognizably the same person regardless of skin tone.

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