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Does Sabo Have a Devil Fruit? How Strong Is the Flame Flame Fruit?

Sabo’s participation in the tournament arranged by Doflamingo and the revelation of the Flame-Flame Fruit, which many pirates desired, added intrigue to One Piece. Luffy and his crew decided to travel there after hearing this news, and Sabo also heard it.

Sabo and Luffy could not tolerate a common pirate consuming their brother’s Devil Fruit. We will tell in which episode Sabo consumed the Flame-Flame Fruit, as well as other relevant information, below. Sabo and Luffy hold this Devil Fruit in high regard; it was hidden after Ace’s death, and no one suspected that Doflamingo would steal it.

When all pirates landed on the island to compete for the Flame-Flame Fruit, the situation grew intriguing. This Devil Fruit is distinct from the others, and the pirates are aware that if they consume it, they will get immense powers similar to Ace’s before he died.

No one knew, however, that it was a trap set by Doflamingo to fulfill his objective and force the Straw Hats to pay. Doflamingo had been with a variety of Devil Fruits, but he didn’t care if he lost Flame-Fruit because he felt his Devil Fruit to be more powerful. Who is Sabo? Does Sabo Have a Devil Fruit?

Who is Sabo?

Sabo is a young lad that has grown up alongside Luffy and Ace since childhood. He became Luffy’s brother despite the fact that they are not biologically related.

He has blonde hair and fair skin. The three individuals grew up together and looked out for one another, but they now have distinct goals. Sabo was reared by Garp, who sent him to a woman in the highlands due to his naval duties.

Sabo was separated from Luffy and Ace when they embarked on a separate voyage, although most of his past that we witnessed was his youth with Luffy.

Does Sabo Have a Devil Fruit

Does Sabo Have a Devil Fruit?

The name for Flame-Flame Fruit is also “Mera Mera no Mi.” This is a Logia-type Devil Fruit that, when consumed, grants the power to control fire. Sabo consumed this Devil Fruit in Episode 678 of One Piece.

This is the episode in which Sabo participated in a competition sponsored by Doflamingo, who was attempting to entice the Straw Hats because they had previously foiled his schemes.

Luffy intended to win the competition so that he could swallow his brother’s Ace Devil Fruit. But he was unaware that Sabo desired to accomplish that objective.

Pirates from several worlds gathered to compete for Flame-Flame Fruit and engage in a fierce battle, yet they were not battling to the death. After learning that Luffy is present, the pirates’ objective is to eliminate the strongest warrior first, despite the fact that Luffy is unstoppable.

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The majority of pirates were unable to reach the final battle stage, which Luffy and Sabo achieved. Sabo’s new abilities were presented in this episode, titled The Fire Fist Strike. Sabo demonstrated his abilities before consuming the Flame Flame Fruit.

This made Luffy happy, and he understood it does matter whether he or Sabo obtains the Devil Fruit. However, Luffy changed his mind and permitted Sabo to emerge victorious after defeating other pirates.

Sabo won the competition and consumed the Flame-Flame Fruit, which granted him comparable abilities to Ace.

He demonstrated the abilities of the Devil Fruit, and the episode concluded. However, this resulted in another battle, during which the pirates realized that Doflamingo had tricked them.

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How Strong Is the Flame Flame Fruit?

This Devil Fruit boasts immense strength and enables the user to use the Hiken technique, often known as “Fire Fist.” This is one of a user’s hallmark moves that can end a combat with a single blow.

Sabo has perfected this technique; his fist morphs into fire and strikes his target. This was demonstrated in One Piece, as the entire Corrida Colosseum stage was demolished.

The user of Flame-Flame fruit can further employ “Moeru Ryusoken: Kaen Ryuo: Burning Dragon Claw Fist: Fire Flame Dragon King.”

The user mixes the Mera Mera no Mi powers with Ryusoken style and crushes his opponents with this technique. After making contact, it reduces opponents to ash.

This Devil Fruit possesses additional abilities and techniques, including Higan, Jujika, and fire-based variations of Ryu no Kagizume. It possesses more powers that have yet to be disclosed.

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