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Is Tetta Kisaki Die in Tokyo Revengers? How Did He Die?

Is Tetta Kisaki Die in Tokyo Revengers? Tokyo Revengers is a science fiction and action manga adapted into an anime. In terms of the number of surprises that Ken Wakui has in store for viewers and readers throughout the series, there is virtually no respite.

Since the very first chapter was published, the manga has taken its readers on an emotional roller coaster. Now that the manga has traversed some incredibly significant arcs, the viewers have reasonable concerns and worries.

All of the terrifying episodes described in the novel Tokyo Revenger, which is no stranger to such descriptions, have been eventually connected to one individual. Kisaki Tetta has always been the genius behind the scenes.

Tetta reveals himself to be a manipulative and cunning psychopath who, at the least, needs to be locked up. After reading the story, you will undoubtedly concur with us that this may very well be the understatement of the year.

Is Tetta Kisaki Die in Tokyo Revengers?

Yes, Kisaki Tetta does die in Tokyo Revengers, to answer the question. Tetta Kisaki passes away in manga chapter 185, titled Meet His Fate, during the Tenjiku Arc. After being struck by a truck, Tetta Ksiaki dies a gruesome death.

Now, the issue that emerges is what transpired for such an occurrence to occur. Let’s begin our explanation around three chapters prior.

Is Tetta Kisaki Die in Tokyo Revengers

How Did He Die?

 Specifically, in chapter 183, Kisaki threatens Takemichi with a gun and provides a morbid justification for his behavior. He reveals to Takemichi that he repeatedly murdered Hinata throughout all times since she rejected his proposal and profession of love. Kisaki describes his childhood to Tekemichi, revealing that he fell in love with Hinata because of her kindness.

Kisaki had been in love with Hinata for a long time, as she was the only person in school who was kind to him, but when Hinata fell in love with Takemichi, he was unable to cope.

He despised Takemichi because he believed that Takemichi had stolen Hinata, which belonged to him. Thus, he concocted all of his terrible schemes to seduce Hinata.

As Kisaki’s overwhelming emotions distract him, Takemichi is able to knock the gun out of Kisaki’s hands. Takemichi decides to kill Kisaki with the gun after realizing and accepting that Hinata will only survive if Kisaki is killed.

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Mikey and Hinata arrive at the scene as Takemichi orders Kisaki to simply die. Kisaki sees an opening in Takemichi’s distraction and decides to run. Even as he flees, he declares that he will simply begin over and pledges that he would never let Hinata go.

Takemichi pursues Kisaki and yells back that he will never permit Kisaki to time travel or get away with his acts. When Kisaki hears the final comment, he stops running, stands in the centre of the crossing, and asks Takemichi if he believes that he is a time traveler.

Takemichi is stunned by the inquiry, but before he can ask Kisaki to clarify, a truck crashes into him, wounding him instantly.

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As he lies at the crossroads, he refuses to acknowledge his defeat and tries furiously to get up, but his twisted body prevents him from moving much. He cries out in agony and distress, stating that he does not wish to die.

Mikey and Hinata arrive in the street just as Kisaki’s body becomes inanimate. The Kanto Incident concludes with Kisaki Tetta’s demise as the ultimate antagonist.

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