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Best NPCs in the GTA Series: From Toni Cipriani to Big Smoke

Best NPCs in the GTA Series: Since the original Grand Theft Auto game came out in 1997 for the PlayStation, the franchise has undergone a number of significant transformations. The first game was meant to be a simulation of a police chase.

It quickly turned into a series that covered some of the worst crimes in the criminal underworld. Grand Theft Auto games now all take place in fully realized open worlds and have new ways to damage things. This is a very detailed series of games.

There have been many changes to the series, but fun has always been a big part of the work that went into making it. This kind of humor can be found in all of the Grand Theft Auto games, but it’s most often in the characters. If you want to remember NPCs, the GTA games have some of the best. You won’t find bigger characters in any other game series.

5. Toni Cipriani

GTA 3 & Liberty City Stories (Playable)

Since Grand Theft Auto 3 was the first game in the series to be made in 3D, the writers had to work hard to give each NPC more personality. When the player meets Toni Cipriani during the main story, they can see how well that idea worked.

Best NPCs in the GTA Series

Toni works for the Leone crime family as a high-level official. He’s rude, loud, and won’t put up with crap. Because of this, it is clear why he is in that position. In fact, players can find out how he got to be where he is because Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is about Toni Cipriani.

4. Roman Bellic

GTA 4 & The Ballad Of Gay Tony

That’s why Nico Bellic, the main character in Grand Theft Auto 4, leaves his home country and goes to Liberty City. The reports about Roman’s newfound wealth are not nearly as true as they seemed, and Nico finds that he spends more time getting his cousin out of trouble than making his own life.

Roman is weak, careless, and acts like a child. Players don’t get mad at him because he is too nice and honest. Besides, who wouldn’t want to bowl with him?

3. Lance Vance

Vice City and Vice City Stories

Tom Vercetti is in a tough spot in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City when he meets Lance Vance. Lucky for the player character, Lance has everything they need at that moment. He is clever, sure of himself, and cool all the time. They were even able to take over a big part of the city at the same time.

Best NPCs in the GTA Series

Unfortunately, this double act doesn’t last long because Lance breaks the deal at the start of the game and is the person Tommy has been looking for. But Lance Vance is too much fun to hate, even though this should make him a bad guy from an NPC.

2. Lazlow Jones

GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas, GTA 4, GTA 5, GTA Online, Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories, and Episodes From Liberty City

Some NPCs in Grand Theft Auto are memorable because they are too likable, even though they are doing very bad things. Players, on the other hand, will find that Lazlow Jones has no good traits. The host of this TV show is a spoiled brat who loves women and doesn’t like being told “no.”

That’s right—the people who made Lazlow Jones were so good at making the player hate him that it feels even better to run the NPC off the road and beat him up in a story task. He does, however, bring Michael and Trevor back together, which is a good thing.

1. Big Smoke

San Andreas

A lot of people have said funny things about Big Smoke in video games. As a member of the Grove Street Gang, Big Smoke says some catchy things at the beginning of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Big Smoke is a very popular joke right now, whether it’s used to order food or tell CJ to “follow the damn train.”

People might think Big Smoke is just a big teddy bear, but there’s more to him than meets the eye. He lies to the gang as part of the main plot, but he’s really one of the best non-player characters in the series.

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