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GTA 3 Liberty City: The 5 Rarest and Most Unique Vehicles in the Game

5 Rare Vehicles in GTA 3 Liberty City: GTA 3 is one of the most important games in the Grand Theft Auto series. It introduced the 3D Universe and a lot of features that are still in the series today. One of the best things about the game is how many cars it has, but some of them are harder to find in Liberty City.

Here are five rare cars in GTA 3 that are better than the ones that are more common.

1. Bullet-Proof Cheetah:

In GTA 3, the Cheetah is a famous car that looks like a real-life Ferrari Testarossa. El Burro gives you a task called “Turismo” where you can get a bullet-proof version of the gun. It is hard to get, which makes it an interesting feature.

2. Explosion Proof Black-Trim Securicar:

The GMC TopKick was the model for the GMC Securicar, which is a protected van in GTA 3. In the task “Escort Service,” you can find a special variant that is resistant to explosions and has a black trim. This is not something you see very often in the game.

5 Rare Vehicles in GTA 3 Liberty City

The key to getting the car is to blow it up and push it to the workshop.

3. Flame-Resistant and Damage-Resistant Stretch:

The Stretch, which looks like a Lincoln Town Car, has a lot of fans and can be found in several GTA games. But there is a rare form of the Stretch that can’t be burned or hurt. For players to get it, they have to do certain things during the task “Salvatore’s Called a Meeting.”

4. Bullet-Proof Patriot:

The Patriot is a well-known SUV in the 3D Universe. It looks like a Hummer H1.

It can be found often in some parts of the map, but the bullet-proof version is only available during Ray Machowski’s “Marked Man” task. Free weapons come with this one-of-a-kind version of the car.

5. Barracks that can’t be shot at OL:

The Barracks OL is another rare find in GTA 3. It is a military truck that looks like the M939 5-ton truck. During the “Arms Shortage” task, which Ray Machowski gives, the Barracks OL stops taking damage from bullets. For the car to stay bullet-proof, players must park it in their garage after the task.

Even though there is a lot of talk about GTA 6, going back to GTA 3’s Liberty City gives you a chance to play through Claude’s story again.


GTA 3 introduces the 3D Universe and features many rare cars, including the Bullet-Proof Cheetah, Explosion-Proof Black-Trim Securicar, Flame-resistant and damage-resistant Stretch, Bullet-Proof Patriot, and Barracks OL.

These cars are hard to find in Liberty City, but can be obtained through tasks like “Turismo,” “Escort Service,” “Salvatore’s Called a Meeting,” “Marked Man,” and “Arms Shortage.”

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