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The Most Underrated GTA Characters of All Time: 6 Characters Who Need a Spin-Off Game

6 Underrated Grand Theft Auto Characters: The Grand Theft Auto series is mostly known for its violent and illegal content, but there are some characters who get lost in all the chaos and don’t get as much attention as they should. While players steal cars, kill people, and get paid, some of the best characters in Grand Theft Auto are often forgotten. The brains of the operation, or the muscle, are left out of the equation when it comes to respect.

If you want to know which characters in Grand Theft Auto are the most underrated, this group is it. They help the player in ways that they would be lost without, but they are forgotten about and only mentioned during a few missions.

This makes me wonder which of these Grand Theft Auto characters gets too little attention and which ones should have an appearance in Grand Theft Auto 6 or later.

6. Ken Rosenberg (GTA: Vice City)

Ken Rosenberg should be praised for his work in GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas. Even though this person is a lawyer, he might not be the best when it’s clear that he cheated on his tests. Ken isn’t just a funny guy; he’s also a flawed person. His cocaine addiction will make it impossible for him to be friends with the famous Tommy Vercetti.

What’s sad and overlooked about Ken is that he will never be friends with Tommy again, even after he got sober. But Ken wasn’t done yet. He was even there when Carl Johnson made his big break in GTA: San Andreas and was saved again by another GTA main character, just like before.

5. Luis Fernando Lopez (GTA 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony)

When Luis met “Gay” Tony Prince, the crazy and successful nightclub owner who came to Liberty City with big dreams and even bigger plans to take over the nightlife scene, his life became crazy and fun.

Gay Tony is the main character in GTA 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony. Luis is faithful and has always been there for Tony when he needs help. For a GTA character, Luis is down for Earth, which comes as a relief.

6 Underrated Grand Theft Auto Characters

Even though he has a lot of great qualities, Luis is the most underrated GTA protagonist. People rarely talk about him when they talk about the best GTA protagonists. During the story of the game, players can see how tight and tired Tony and Luis’ friendship gets. But they can also see that their friendship will never end.

4. Dave Norton (GTA 5)

There aren’t many FIB agents who aren’t crooked and still do good work. David Norton’s career may have looked bright when he helped put Michael in witness protection, but years of working as an agent have made him sad and less interested in his job and his duties to the United States. Dave tells us that he is dishonest, but he says it’s “in a good way” because he breaks the law to help people who do follow it.

Even though Dave works for the FIB, he is not an enemy of the main characters in GTA 5. They often work together, and Dave will even give Michael important safety information, even though he has no allegiance or loyalty to the man who helped him get ahead in his job through crime.

3. Patrick McReary (GTA 4)

Patrick McReary doesn’t work for the Irish Mob in Liberty City, so he isn’t afraid of anything. Like a true stubborn action hero from the old days, Patrick McReary will put himself in risky situations whether he is coming out or not. He does this whether he is robbing people or being hired as a gun. But Patrick McReary isn’t really a hero, and he seems to enjoy bragging about living an illegal life.

For the whole of GTA 4, Patrick was Niko’s best friend. He even presented Niko to his family and gang. Even though Patrick doesn’t care much about his own life, his friends and family are very important to him. Katie, his sister, is very important to him, and if she dies during the ending of Revenge, he will feel terrible guilt and sadness.

2. The Truth (GTA: San Andreas)

The Truth is an important character in the early games of GTA: San Andreas. He lives in Flint County and is a devoted hippie. The Truth is known for a few things: cannabis, conspiracy ideas, and not trusting the police. Once upon a time in GTA: San Andreas, The Truth may have been a satirical figure. But now that we live in a more real world, we can appreciate him even more.

Furthermore, The Truth deserves even more praise because he helped CJ get a jetpack, which means that players can enjoy the freedom of flexible flight thanks to him. The Truth is also a good person and CJ’s friend. He stays by his side until the very end of GTA: San Andreas.

1. Lester Crest (GTA 5)

The thieves in GTA 5 and GTA Online are planned by Lester Crest. It’s possible to get rich quickly in both of these games thanks to Lester Crest. Lester Crest is in charge of stopping nuclear war, whether he’s breaking into banks or getting into government silos. Lester Crest gets a lot of credit.

Most people might find Lester annoying and persistent, but he is an underrated figure who deserves more praise. He is interesting because he is obsessed with conspiracies and anxiety, and it’s impressive how much he knows about everything that comes close to him.


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