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Who Is Vogue Williams Married Too?

Who Is Vogue Williams Married To Vogue Williams is a popular model and also a well-known media personality from Ireland?
She was born in 1985, and even though she is a well-known figure, everyone must have been curious about Who Is Vogue Williams Married Too? To learn more about Who Is Vogue Williams Married To, please review the article provided below.

Who Is Vogue Williams?

Vogue Williams was born in 1985 in Ireland, where she was also raised. She is a well-known model and media personality who began her career in 2010.

Fade Street, Dancing with the Stars, Stepping out, Loose Women, and others are some of her most well-known television works. She received training in construction design and administration.

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Who Is Vogue Williams Married Too?

Brain McFadden (m.2012-2017)

Brain McFadden was born on 12 April 1980, is an Irish citizen, and is a well-known singer and television host. He began his professional career in 1OL,998.

The following year, in 2012, he married Vogue Williams, but they divorced shortly thereafter. However, they are blessed with three children.

Spencer Matthews (m.2018)

Spencer Matthews was born on August 6, 1988, and is a well-known British entrepreneur and television personality.

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His appearances on Made in Chelsea are particularly well-known. Then, in 2018, he married Vogue Williams, and they are currently living a happy married life.

Vogue Williams Pregnant

Yes, Vogue Williams is pregnant. Vogue announced she is expecting her third child via an Instagram post. Vogue published the following: “Baby number three is on the way!!! This has been so difficult to conceal for the third time; I’ve had a bump since the first month.” Her husband shared an Instagram post with the caption WE ARE HAVING A THIRD BABY!!! If you had told me a few years ago that I would have three beautiful children and the woman of my dreams by the time I was 33, I would not have believed you because that was always a strategy… Despite this, I feel fortunate every day for what we have. Family is ESSENTIAL.

Regarding her spouse, she is married to Spencer Matthews. Spencer Matthews is a successful entrepreneur and television personality best known for his appearances on Made in Chelsea. The engagement occurred in January 2018.

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After a couple of months, Vogue married Spencer. The couple became the proud parents of a son on September 5, 2018. On July 22, 2020, their daughter was born. Vogue Williams recently announced that she is pregnant with their third child.

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Background & Career

Vogue Williams was born on 2 October 1985 and raised in Dublin, Ireland. Her parents, Sandra and Freddie, were both former automobile salesmen. When Vogue was only seven years old, her parents divorced.

Additionally, she has an older brother, Frederic, and a sister, Amber. Vogue is the youngest sibling of the three. Williams completed her education at the all-female Santa Sabina Dominican College.

Then, she attended Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen to earn a degree in Construction Design and Management. Due to this degree, she also spent six months in London working on construction sites.

Vogue’s television debut occurred on November 11, 2010. She was allowed to appear in the Irish television series Fade Street.

She then appeared alongside Christopher Page in the twelfth season of “Dancing with the Stars.” This was the crowning achievement of Vogue’s career, for which she received recognition.

She later appeared on Stepping Out with Brian McFadden, a celebrity dancing competition show.

Vogue and Brian were the show’s first runners-up. She was scheduled to appear on the fourth season of The Jump on Channel 4 in February 2017 but was prevented from doing so due to an injury sustained during training. She later became the new host of Sunday Breakfast on Heart FM.

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