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RM from BTS Discussed the Three Celebrities He Was Most Surprised to Meet

As worldwide superstars, the members of BTS have had the opportunity to meet a wide variety of celebrities all around the world. Even though it shouldn’t come as a surprise to the boys, they nonetheless act like excited children when they meet new famous people.

RM was recently a guest on the PSICK SHOW, where the hosts, among other things, provided him with advice on how to act when he reaches the age of 30, and where they also addressed a wide range of topics.

The hosts then posed the following question to him: “You’ve met a lot of renowned individuals, haven’t you? That was the one who took you most by surprise? RM suggested the following three names for this.

Pharrell Williams

The fact that RM was able to secure a comprehensive interview with Pharrell through Rolling Stone must have seemed like a long-awaited achievement for him.


The rapper serves as a significant motivational factor for all of the participants. Consequently, we can only image how happy they are to have had the chance to talk to him.


When RM told him that he was his biggest fan, RM remarked that the other person seemed so chill and normal, despite the fact that RM was his biggest fan.

One can only speculate on the joy that these stars must have had.

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