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Who Is Sarah Polley’s Partner?

Yes, we’re talking about the actress who played Ramona and is now a director. Sarah Polley’s biggest accomplishment is making headlines on the internet right now. What, guess? You are right, I agree.

For the first time, she won an Oscar for her work, Women Talking. Since then, Sarah Polley’s fans have been wondering if she has this much going on in her personal life. So, now we have to talk about her love interest, for sure. Before that, let’s talk briefly about how well-known Sarah Polley is.

Sarah Polley

Since she won an Oscar, Sarah Polley probably doesn’t need to be introduced. Still, for people who don’t know Sarah, she used to be an actress and is now a director and producer. Love Come Down, This Might Be Good, Trigger, The Secret Life of Words, The Hidden Room, Slings & Arrows, I Shout Love, A Better Man, Hey Lady!, and Alias Grace are some of her most famous books.

Talking more about Sarah Polley, who is from the Canadian city of Toronto. Sarah was born in 1979. She is now 44 years old and has done a lot in her career so far.

When it comes to her personal life, Sarah Polley has been married once before. Who is it? So, he was David Wharnsby, who works as a film editor for a living. They were married for five years before getting a divorce in 2008.


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But everyone should always give their life a second chance. After that happened, Sarah Polley fell in love again and got married. What, guess? Since then, Sarah and her husband have been doing well and are always with each other. Here are the answers if you want to know who Sarah Polley’s partner is.

Meet Sarah Polley’s Partner

David Sandomierski is Sarah Polley’s partner, who is also her second husband. The fact that both of her husbands have the same name is strange. Yes, of course, the first one. All is well!

You must be wondering who David Sandomierski is. He is Sarah Polley’s partner. Well, he has nothing to do with the movie business. Sarah and David tied the knot on August 23, 2011.

The director said that her wedding had “the best food and was the best wedding.” He was working on his SJD at the University of Toronto at the time.

If you don’t know, it has to do with the law. Sarah Polley has three children with him. More specifically, they are a son, and two daughters, one of whom is named Eve, and a daughter.


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How do they get along even better? Well, Sarah Polley and David Sandomierski are said to have been together for a few years before they got married. He has always been kind, loving, and understanding towards Sarah, his wife. Also, David was there to support and cheer her on at the 95th Academy Awards.

Even though he is married to a famous person, David Sandomierski has always preferred to stay out of the spotlight. So, only a few things are known about him.

David is said to have worked as an intern in the House of Representatives in 2002. He was also the Law Clerk to the Chief Justice of Canada.

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Sarah Polley and David Sandomierski have been a sweet but sometimes silly couple. From how they look, it seems like they still love each other very much. That sounds like pure happiness! Both of them are very good parents, in addition to being good at their jobs. They try to keep their young children out of the public eye.


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Sarah Polley should have the best days of her life from now on. We hope that she will win more in the future. For her, this is just the beginning with Oscar. Make sure to follow Sarah Polley on Instagram to find out what she’s up to. Also, we hope that her relationship with David will always be as strong as it is now.

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