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Did Joe Ando Break Up With His Girlfriend?

Yes, we’re talking about the actor who made headlines a few months ago when he took a vacation in Mallorca. It wasn’t a surprise that the person he liked was also there. But, fans have lately taken the speculation of their separation on different social media platforms. Is that true? Before that, let’s briefly discuss Joe Ando’s prominence in the industry.

Joe Ando-Hirsh

Starting from the basics, Joe Ando-Hirsh is a versatile actor, who is majorly known for portraying Rodney in The Walking Dead. He has been doing wonders in the industry since 2017. Some of Joe Ando’s other notable acting credits include MacGyver, Hurricane Bianca: From Russia with Hate, Blue Bison, and The Eyes of Tammy Faye.

Joe Ando is not only a professional actor, but he is also a professional fashion designer. From a very young age, Joe liked to wear trendy clothes that were different from what everyone else was wearing. He went to the Fashion Institute of Technology to study because of this.

Who is His Girlfriend?

Coming back to Joe Ando’s personal life, you must know as a fan that he is dating Niamh Adkins. What is her name? For now, let’s just say that she is a fashion model from South Africa.

Everyone has been shocked by the rumors that they broke up. Now, the question is whether or not these rumors make sense or are important enough to be taken into account. Here’s what we know about whether Joe Ando broke up with his girlfriend or not.


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Niamh Adkins,Joe Ando’s Girlfriend

Let’s talk briefly about Joe Ando’s girlfriend, Niamh Adkins before we talk about their relationship.

To the newbies, Niamh Adkins is a fashion model, who was born in 1996. That makes her 26 years old, at present. In the initial period of her career, Niamh was signed to the modeling agencies – Max Models and Vision Models respectively. She also has a lot of fans on the app Vine, which she started using in 2014. Talking more about her, Niamh Adkins is a die-hard fan of Taylor Swift. Well, who isn’t?

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Moving on to Joe Ando’s relationship with Niamh Adkins, both have always seemed to be strong as a couple. Last year, as was already said, they were having fun in Mallorca. But, wait! They were not the only ones but had some of their friends too. Then what? So far, things look good. Right?


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Did Joe Ando Break Up With His Girlfriend?

Now, you must be wondering what got people talking about Joe Ando’s breakup in the first place. The reason has been two of them not posting anything on social media, in the last few weeks.

That turned out to be pretty weird as both have always been very active. People are convinced that something must have happened between them. Some fans have also taken the discussion online, stating that Joe Ando and Niamh Adkins must have taken a break from each other, at least for some time.  

We cannot just assert that Joe Ando and his long-term girlfriend are no longer together because neither party has issued an official announcement.

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