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Who Is Molly Meldrum’s Partner?

Curious about Molly Meldrum’s partner? Yes, we are talking about the music critic who is in the news for exposing himself at the Rod Stewart concert. After that, he even said he was sorry. Putting that aside for now, what worries me, even more, is how busy Molly’s love life is. Before we find out that, let’s talk briefly about how well-known Molly Meldrum is in the business.

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Molly Meldrum

Molly Meldrum is the whole package. He is not only a music critic; he is also a reporter and a record producer.

He has been doing wonders since 1966, and we can’t get over him. Well, Molly is mostly known for being the host of Countdown’s music news show.

From 1974 to 1987, it was on TV. If you are a big fan of Molly Meldrum, you will probably like the Stetson hat that he wears all the time. Don’t you?

Molly Meldrum has worked as a record producer on songs like “The Real Thing,” “Don’t Fall in Love,” “I Like It Both Ways,” “Day by Day,” and more. People also know him from the TV show Hey, Hey, It’s Saturday, where he played a variety of roles. Molly is still in the news even though she is 80 years old, which is great.

When we talk about Molly Meldrum’s personal life again, we have to talk about his sexuality. People don’t understand what he means when he uses the words “gay” and “bisexual” to describe himself.

But he once said that he had girlfriends and had gotten engaged more than once. But the question is, what is going on right now? Here is what we know about Molly Meldrum’s boyfriend or girlfriend.

Molly Meldrum’s Partner:

Yan Wongngam is the name of Molly Meldrum’s boyfriend when they talk about him. Yan is a businessman who owns a courier company in Thailand, in case you were wondering. People say that Molly and Yan are each other’s biggest fans. They’ve been with each other for more than 30 years. No one knows when or how they met. But in an interview, Molly said, “We’ve been together for about 30 years.”

Fans have been wondering about Molly Meldrum and Yan Wongngam’s relationship during the lockdown. Why? Because they come from different places. And the lockdown was more like a nightmare for couples who live far apart. Molly said that it was hard for him because he spends a lot of time in Thailand, which is like his second home.

Who Is Molly Meldrum’s Partner?

You didn’t know it, but he and Yan Wongngam, who is Molly Meldrum’s partner, both went to Bert Newton’s funeral. It was sad for both of them. Well, they don’t want the press to know about their relationship. After that, they hardly ever show up in public together.

But when they get there, all the cameras are in front of them. Molly Meldrum and his longtime partner Yan Wongngam were seen at the Mushroom Group’s 40th-anniversary party in February 2013. The Thousand Pound Ben was where it happened.

If you knew that they had been together for a long time, you might have asked yourself why Molly Meldrum and Yan Wongngam hadn’t gotten married yet. In 2016, the music critic said that they don’t think it’s necessary to get married.

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That is, they don’t think of it as a requirement for their relationship. So, it’s not likely that Molly and Yan will get married soon. Molly said, “It’s fine to marry someone of the same gender, but that’s not our thing. People should do it if they want to.”

Yan, Molly Meldrum’s partner, has always been praised and liked when people have asked about him. It makes sense that they are so strong together. We could also say that things are going well between the two. This feels great!

We wish Molly Meldrum the best for the rest of his life. Make sure to follow this music critic, Molly, on his social media account to get more news. We hope that Yan will always be there for him like this.

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