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Who Is Maddie Hinch’s Partner?

Who does Maddie Hinch go on dates with? Yes, we are talking about the hockey player who is in the news right now because she has decided to stop playing. “The tank is empty,” as they say. Putting that aside, Maddie’s fans want to know what’s going on in her personal life right now. Before that, let’s talk briefly about how well-known Maddie Hinch is in the sports world.

Maddie Hinch used to be the goalkeeper for HC Tilburg, where she learned the game from the ground up. She also played for the national team, which represented England and Great Britain. Maddie was born in 1988, so she is 34 years old now. Last year, Maddie Hinch took part in the Commonwealth Games, which were held in Birmingham. What’s that? The gold medal was hers.

In terms of Maddie’s other accomplishments, she also took part in the 2020 Olympics and won a bronze medal. Tokyo was where it happened. How could we forget that she won a silver medal at the 2013 European Championships? Her show was really good.

When it comes to Maddie Hinch’s private life, the former hockey player once made people think she was gay. This also calls for it to be true. What worries me more is who she is dating now. Here’s what we know about Maddie Hinch’s boyfriend or girlfriend.

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Who Is Maddie Hinch’s Partner?

Brendan Creed is said to be Maddie Hinch’s boyfriend if you want to talk about that. Brendan also used to play hockey and played for the Beerschot club, in case you were wondering. He has played for other teams in the past, such as Sheffield Hallam, Bowton, Surbiton, etc.

Maddie and Brendan seem to get along well, and fans are pretty sure that they are secretly in love with each other. Why hide? Because neither of them has ever said for sure if they are dating or not. We don’t know if Maddie Hinch and Brendan Creed are together or not.

What about the talk that Maddie Hinch is gay? The former hockey player hasn’t said anything about her sexuality just yet. So, we don’t know for sure.

But if her relationship with Brendan Creed turns out to be romantic, these gay rumours will be shown to be false. In case you don’t know, it all started when Maddie, Helen, and Kate Richardson-Walsh won the 2016 Summer Olympics. These two are married, though. Don’t you think it’s lame to think that Maddie is gay because the other two are? It makes no sense!

Fans think that because Maddie is 34 years old, she must be married. She never brought it up in front of the cameras, though. I hope she hasn’t gotten married yet. That is, she never said that her husband was there with her at the matches. If you follow Maddie Hinch on social media, you won’t see any posts about her relationships.

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It seems like Maddie Hinch is quite a private person. From the way she looks, it seems like she doesn’t like to put her personal life in the spotlight. At the moment, Maddie seems to keep a busy schedule, which is all due to her job.

On the other hand, Maddie Hinch’s fans are still interested in who she is with. Since she hasn’t said anything about it, there is a lot of talk about it. How do you feel? Is there a chance that Maddie Hinch and Brendan Creed will get together? Well, Brendan hasn’t called Maddie his girlfriend, either.

Maddie Hinch should have the best days of her life from now on. You can follow this two-time Olympic medalist on Instagram to get more information. We would love it if the rumours about Maddie and Brendan are true. How do you feel?

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