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Who Is Liv Tyler’s Partner?

Who is Liv Tyler’s boyfriend or girlfriend? Most likely not, because that’s why you’re here. Well, the star of “9-1-1” has been in the news for a number of things, like her children or her friendship with Kate Hudson.

None of these things are important to us right now. Fans are more interested in Liv Tyler’s personal life these days. Does she have a boyfriend or girlfriend right now? Before that, let’s talk briefly about how well-known Liv Tyler is in the business.

Liv Tyler

Since 1991, Liv Tyler has been a versatile actress who has done many different kinds of work. Some of Liv’s most famous works are The Lord of the Rings, Jamie Marks Is Dead, Wilding, Ad Astra, The Leftovers, Gunpowder, Harlots, etc.

We’ve already talked about how amazing she was in 9-1-1, where she played the lead role of Michelle Blake. Did you know that Liv Tyler’s voice has also been used in a video game?

It was “The Incredible Hulk,” and Betty Ross was the main character. Well, she’s also a great model, which is something she’s done since she was 14.

When it comes to her personal life, Liv Tyler used to be married to Royston William Langdon. He is the lead singer of the glam rock band Spacehog, in case you didn’t know.

She has one son with him. Years went by, and then Liv met the man she would marry. Yes, she is having the best time of her life with that person. If you want to know who Liv Tyler’s boyfriend or girlfriend is, read on.


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Who Is Liv Tyler’s Partner?

David Gardner is Liv Tyler’s partner when it comes to his love life. What does he do? If you’re wondering who he is, David is a British sports and entertainment manager who works for a living.

When Did They First Meet?

Liv Tyler and David Gardner met for the first time in 2014. There was an instant attraction between them, and they soon got engaged.

To be more exact, David asked Liv to marry him in July 2015, which was the year after. Liv Tyler and David Gardner have two children, a son named Sailor Gene (born in 2015) and a daughter named Lula Rose (daughter- 2016).

After that, it was said that the actress moved to Los Angeles and lived there for a long time. He, on the other hand, stayed in London.


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Did Liv Tyler and David Gardner Break Up?

This led to rumors that they were breaking up. Yes, it’s true! Liv Tyler and David Gardner broke up after seven years of togetherness. But they talked again, which is what we call reconciliation. The main reason they broke up seemed to have more to do with their jobs.

When asked about her relationship with David Gardner, actress Liv Tyler said, “We both wanted a family, kids, a partner, and love.” As soon as people heard that they had broken up after so many years, they were most worried about the kids. But that didn’t work out too badly because they got back together. Now, Liv Tyler and David Gardner seem to be getting along great.

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Are David Gardner and Liv Tyler Still Together?

David Gardner and Liv Tyler have been together for a long time. They still haven’t gotten married. Looking at them, it doesn’t seem like Liv and David are making any plans.

The only thing they’ve always taken care of well besides their job is their children. Even though she was breaking up with her boyfriend, Liv Tyler is said to have gone on a vacation with him for their sake.

After this, it doesn’t look like marriage is a priority for them right now.


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Liv Tyler deserves all the best for the days to come. Make sure you’re following Liv on Instagram to get more information.

We hope that her relationship with David Gardner will always be this strong. It looks like everything is fine! Lots of love and kisses to her three adorable kids.

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