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Who is Matt Rife Dating? Exploring Matt’s Dating History!

Matt Rife is dating who? The actor and comedian announced a world tour, but does he have a girlfriend? Let’s look at his dating history!

Comedians may now become viral in what feels like an instant thanks to social media. Matt Rife is one such comic. He has been a growing star for the previous decade, but his fame skyrocketed in 2023 because to his stand-up comedy video on TikTok. With over 14 million TikTok followers and 3.5 million Instagram followers, he is arguably one of the most popular modern-day comedians.

Matt launched his world tour, ProbleMATTic, on June 5, 2023, with a hilarious video starring Ashton Kutcher as his magical genie (with a Mila Kunis appearance).

But Matt is famous for more than just his jokes—his beautiful looks have won the hearts of his admirers, so much so that he includes a line about it in his comedy show. So, who, if anybody, is Matt Rife dating? Is he dating someone? And what is his dating history?

Who is Matt Rife Dating?

Just 27 years old, Matt Rife has catapulted to international prominence. However, this means he has virtually no time for a companion. Matt must devote every ounce of his energy to his comedy in order to achieve such rapid and early fame.

Matt is completely single because he writes, performs, and markets himself nearly around the clock, despite his infant blues and an unparalleled sense of humor.

When queried about his romantic life in a May 2023 interview with Elite Daily, Matt responded, “I just don’t have the time. Nearly every day, I am on the verge of being ill. Not in a cold-like manner, but simply exhausted. I don’t slumber. I slumber approximately three hours per night. At least six days per week, I have at least two performances each night.

“Therefore, I’m frequently done with performances. I’ll return to my lodging, smoke a bit to relax, and then spend the next hour or so editing.” Clearly, being a comedian is not as glamorous as it appears! Without time for even a brief encounter, becoming a world-famous comedian is difficult.

Even though Matt is presently single, he would like to have a companion (as well as a dog). “Had we been on a date and you had made a jest about my deceased father, I would have responded by saying, ‘You know what? You may be the one, in fact.’ When asked what he searches for in a partner, he responded, “The courage to actually go for it.”

Matt Rife Dating History

Having a partner is not Matt’s top priority right now because of how well his job is doing. But it used to be. When he was younger, “I prioritized women a lot, and I was in a lot of healthy and a lot of unhealthy relationships,” he said.

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“However, each of them takes an identical amount of time. When you’re in a healthy relationship, you’re frequently so pleased that you put it ahead of things you ought to be doing professionally.

In a toxic relationship, you may find yourself saying, “Hold on, I can’t do this professional thing because I’m too busy fighting with my partner right now.”

Who is Matt Rife Dating

In 2017, Matt’s only relationship in the public eye was with Kate Beckinsale, who was more than twice his age. Following his brief rise to prominence from MTV’s Wild ‘n Out and The Challenge, the then-21-year-old Matt dated the then-43-year-old Kate for a few months.

Kate is loving her life, a source told to the media in June 2017. She enjoys herself when dating. She continues to get a lot of male attention and looks fantastic. For the past two weeks, she has been seeing Matt. She appears to truly like him. He’s an ancient soul, she says. Obviously, there is also a physical appeal. She is unconcerned about the age gap. She thinks Matt is wonderful.

They apparently broke up by November 2017, therefore their relationship was quite fleeting. Since that time, Matt hasn’t engaged in any notable relationships, while being active on Raya, showing that he’s open to dating. However, Matt’s top focus is humor, so he might not be ready to settle down just yet.

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