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Who is Kelly Slater’s Girlfriend? Get Latest Info!

Who is the Girlfriend of Kelly Slater? Find out more about Kalani Miller, who Kelly Slater is dating. Find out more about their long-lasting relationship, Kalani’s success as a business owner, and their plans for the future.
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Who is Kelly Slater’s Girlfriend?

Kalani Miller is Kelly Slater’s girlfriend. She is a successful model, fashion designer, and business owner. Since 2006, they have been in a steady relationship. Miller is 36 years old. He was born in San Clemente, California, on July 25, 1987. She started the swimwear company MIKOH with her sister Oleema in 2009.

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The brand makes clothing with patterns and styles from around the world, with a focus on using high-quality fabrics to fit women with different body types. Miller is also very interested in exercise, surfing, and helping good causes when she’s not working. Even though they are not married yet, Miller has said that she feels very close to Slater and wants to start a family with him.

Kelly Slater’s Girlfriend

Kelly Slater, the famous pro surfer, has been dating his girlfriend, Kalani Miller, for a long time. The two started traveling together in 2006, and their relationship has gotten stronger over time. Kalani Miller was born on July 25, 1987, in the beautiful California town of San Clemente, which is in Orange County. People know Kalani Miller as Kelly Slater’s girlfriend, but she is also a successful business owner, model, and fashion designer.

In 2009, she and her sister Oleema helped start the swimwear brand MIKOH. This brand has gotten a lot of attention for the unique way it designs swimwear. It gets ideas from different cultures and styles from all over the world. MIKOH isn’t just about fashion; it’s also about being positive about your body and making clothes for women of all shapes and sizes.


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Miller’s drive to fitness and her love of surfing is clear even outside of her work life. She talks about how much she loves these things on her Instagram account, where she has a lot of fans. Miller’s kindness and giving are also clear when she takes part in important projects. In 2019, MIKOH made news for making swimsuits for women who had beaten breast cancer. The company used the money from the sales to help the Keep A Breast Foundation.

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Kelly Slater and Kalani Miller are very close, but they have not taken the step of getting married. Miller once called Slater her “ride or die” partner to show how emotionally close they were. Even though they haven’t said what their plans are, they have said they want to get married. As Slater’s famous professional surfing career comes to an end, the couple hopes to settle down and start a family. They hope to have two or three children.

Who is Kelly Slater's Girlfriend

Kalani Miller and Kelly Slater’s Future Plans

The story of Kalani Miller and Kelly Slater’s friendship started in 2006 when they met at a surfing event. Over time, their friendship got stronger because they both loved the waves. Even though they haven’t gotten married, it’s clear that they love each other very much. In an interview with 2020, Miller called Slater her “ride or die” partner, which shows how close they are emotionally.

Even though they haven’t said when they’ll get married, it’s clear that marriage is in their plans. Miller has given hints about the idea, suggesting that their path to marriage is coming up. There are some challenges to balancing Slater’s successful competitive surfing job with the possibility of starting a family, but both partners are ready for this change.

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In the future, when Slater’s professional surfing career is over, the couple plans to spend more time with their family. Their plan to have two or three kids shows how much they both want to build a life together beyond the waves.

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