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Who is Brad Keselowski’s Wife? A Closer Look at Their Relationship

Find out who Brad Keselowski’s wife is and get to know his kids. Find out what the NASCAR driver and his family are like as people.
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Who is Brad Keselowski’s Wife?

Paige White is married to Brad Keselowski. She is also known as Paige Keselowski. She was born in Plymouth, North Carolina, on April 6, 1988. Paige graduated from East Carolina University in 2010 with a degree in psychology and a minor in pre-med. Paige grew up in a racing family; her father, Louis White, was a short-track driver. In 2004, she met Brad Keselowski. They started going out together, and in 2017 they got married. Their relationship is based on mutual support and ideals that they both believe in.

Paige White About

Paige White, who was born on April 6, 1988, is an important person in Brad Keselowski’s life. She has a good education. She went to East Carolina University and got a degree in psychology with a pre-med minor. Louis White and Vanessa Furlough White have a daughter named Paige. Since her family has a history of racing, she and Brad Keselowski are very close. They have been dating since 2004.

Who is Brad Keselowski's Wife?

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Paige is involved in more than just her family life. She helps Brad with his charitable work, especially through the Chequered Flag Foundation.

How Did Brad Keselowski and Paige White Meet?

How Brad Keselowski and Paige White met in the first place is still a secret. What is known is that the fact that they were both interested in racing helped bring them together. In 2004, they started dating, and over time, their shared hobbies and deep connection helped them build a strong and lasting relationship. Their relationship came to an end when they got engaged in 2016 and married on February 10, 2017.

Brad Keselowski Children

Brad Keselowski and his wife, Paige White, are very proud of their two beautiful children. They are about to have a third child, which will make their family even bigger. On May 19, 2015, Scarlett, their oldest daughter, was born. This was the start of their journey as parents. Her arrival made Brad and Paige very happy and was a big turning point in their lives. Their love and commitment as parents were clear as they dealt with problems, like Scarlett’s health problems that came up soon after she was born.


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On November 30, 2019, their second girl, Autumn, was born, making their family even bigger. When autumn came, it brought more happiness and love into their home. This made the Keselowski family even closer together. Now, Brad and Paige have stated that they are expecting their third child, a baby boy, in November 2023. This is the start of a new and exciting chapter in their lives.

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This happy news has filled them with excitement and anticipation as they get ready to add another loved one to their family. Brad Keselowski does well on the tracks and Paige White does good things for other people, but being good parents is still the most important thing in their lives together.

Brad Keselowski About

In the world of American stock car racing, Brad Keselowski is a well-known person. He was born on February 12, 1984, and has done well as a professional driver, team owner, and business owner. Keselowski races in the NASCAR Cup Series. He drives for RFK Racing in the No. 6 Ford Mustang. He is also a co-owner of RFK Racing, which is a big deal.

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Since he started racing in 2004, he has done many amazing things, such as winning the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series championship in 2012 and the Nationwide Series title in 2010.

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