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Who Is Julien Baker Dating In 2023?

Who Is Julien Baker Dating In 2023? Julien Baker was born on September 29, 1995, in Memphis. Her birth name is Julien Rose Baker, and she is 27 years old.

She learned to play on her father’s guitar and then went to State University, where she majored in literature and minored in Spanish and secondary education before dropping out to tour full-time. We all want to have the faith that she had in her dreams.

Julien Baker

Tennessee’s Julien Rose Baker is a great guitarist and musician. She is in a band called Forrister, which used to be called The Star Killers. In 2015, 6131 Records put out her first studio album, Sprained Ankle, which was known for its sensitive lyrics and emotional delivery.

Her voice seems to reach a large area, and after she sings, you can hear her close the piano lid. With “Claws in Your Back,” the last song on her second album, Turn Out the Lights, she puts an end to all the stress in her solo work.

In 2010, she helped start a band called The Star Killers, which in 2015 changed its name to Forrister. She was one-third of the trio Boygenius, which she formed with Lucy Dacus and Phoebe Bridgers in 2018.

The group got good reviews. But her solo work changed from simple pieces with just piano and guitar to ones with keyboards, a rhythm section, and other instruments on her third album, Small Oblivions, and 2022 EP, B-Sides.

She’s great, right? Julien Baker said that her upcoming tour of Australia would be put off. Baker was supposed to play eight shows in Australia, in cities like Canowindra, Sydney, and Melbourne, but he canceled the trip because of “unexpected personal issues.”


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Who is Julien Baker Dating in 2023?

Like many famous people, Julien Baker works hard to keep her personal life and love life secret. As of 2023, we don’t know who she is dating.

When someone is dating, they are actively looking for romantic relationships with other people. When two unmarried celebrities go out together in public, they are often called “dating.” This means that they were seen together, but it’s not clear if they are just friends, trying out a close relationship, or dating.


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Baker’s concerts are known for having the feeling of a church, with the crowd standing in rapt silence between many songs. Her fans joke that she is their “girlfriend” and “wife.”

Since so much of Baker’s music is about her problems, it’s easy to feel like she’s being honest with you and to use her as a way to deal with your own problems.

That is a big job for one person, and at times it might feel too much. But never forget how powerful words can be. They can fix everything that’s broken inside you.

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Everyone has heard of the extreme example of the Westboro Baptist Church, but when you go to the south, everyone says, “Those Christians who hate gay people, am I right?!” I’m like, “Well when I went to the church in Memphis, I had this very emotional talk with the pastor.”


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“I have something to tell you that has me freaking out,” I told her. “What’s wrong with you?” she asked. Just say the word.” “I’m homosexual!” I said something, and she said, “So?” And it all felt like a dream. It seems too good to be true that Churches accept homosexuals and transgender people, but it is true.


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