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Who Is Maya Higa’s Boyfriend In 2023?

Who Is Maya Higa’s Boyfriend? Want to know who Maya Higa has a crush on? Is she seeing anyone right now? Maya’s fans are interested in who she dates and are connecting her to different men.

Maya Higa is the name that her fans use to refer to her. Maya Elaine Higa is her given name. Maya started a place for animals called Alveus Sanctuary in Austin, Texas. People also call Higa “bird girl Mayo.”

Maya Higa’s Bio

Maya is an American who helps take care of injured animals and streams on Twitch. Maya’s sanctuary is a place for exotic birds to live and a virtual learning centre. Maya also makes videos and has a channel on YouTube.

Maya was born on May 24, 1998, to an American mother and a Japanese father who is thought to be a businessman. Maya has two other family members, a brother, and a sister.

Maya went to California Polytechnic State University and got her degree there. The journey for Higa and streaming began in February 2019, when she started screaming about falconry and her music.

In 2019, Higa started a podcast where she talks about animals and gets information from people who know a lot about them.

In her first podcast, she raised $3,000 for the American Eagle Foundation. In 2020, Higa made connections and joined the Board of Directors for a Texas rehab centre.

Becoming an ambassador for Whale and Dolphin Conservation was her most recent accomplishment.


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Higa’s YouTube channel, Maya, has a total of 596 thousand people who follow it. She has 703.2 people following her on Twitch.

She is beautiful inside and out, and a lot of people love her. She has a weekly chat on her stream to help people learn more and make money.

Who Is Maya Higa’s Boyfriend?

Who is the new man in Maya Higa’s life? Is Maya married at the moment? No, is the answer to all of these questions.

The beautiful twitchier, who is 24 years old, is currently single. Maya is currently enjoying being single and putting her attention on her career.

Maya is naturally a sweet girl, and any guy would be lucky to be her boyfriend. After Higa said on her YouTube channel a month ago that she had a new boyfriend, rumours started to spread.


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Maya also said that they are not dating exclusively right now and that she is single, but that they may end up together in the future.

Maya wants to focus on making all of her dreams come true instead of dating more guys. Higa has done several volunteer work.

Maya Higa’s Dating History

Matthew Rinaudo, who goes by the name alias Mizkif, and Maya Higa used to go out together. People who liked Maya never liked her ex-boyfriend and thought he was weird.

When Maya broke up with Matthew, her fans were thrilled. Maya started dating Matthew at the start of the year 2019, and they broke up at the end of 2021.


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The couple told the world on Twitter that they were breaking up. Matthew makes videos for YouTube and has 2.1 million Twitch followers and 898k YouTube subscribers.

The only way they met was through Twitch. Matthew was born on February 16, 1995, and he grew up in the New Jersey town of Montclair. He got a degree in finance from college.

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A lot of people don’t like the streamer because he or she is rude. He was also banned from Twitch for ten days because he made unasked-for comments about a female streamer.

He was able to earn $5,600 for a stream he did in 2020 in which he only slept.


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Matthew said in his streams that he has ADHD and viral myocarditis. He has also won an award for being the best streaming chatter. After he broke up with Maya, Matthew cried during one of his streams.

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