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Who Is Doja Cat Dating? Past Relationships and Personal Life

American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer Doja Cat (/dod/ DOH-j) was born Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini on October 21, 1995. She started composing and distributing music on SoundCloud as a teenager, having been born and raised in Los Angeles. She secured a record deal with Kemosabe and RCA Records at the age of 17 after her song “So High” was discovered. Her debut EP, Purrr! was released in 2014.

Personal Life

Doja Cat’s personal life has gotten a lot of attention since she made such a stir in the music industry. For the past year or so, she’s been doing rather well for herself in the music industry with her debut single, “Mooo!” Because of this, so many people are eager to find out who she is currently dating.

Who Is Doja Cat Dating

This is what you need to know about Doja’s past relationships and the recent rumours surrounding her and Joji (aka George Kusunoki Miller).

How Do I Know Who Doja Cat’s Friend Is Examining Her Past Relationships

Doja Cat has dominated the music landscape since her breakthrough single “Mooo!” went viral in 2018. She and Nicki Minaj were the first female rap duo to reach the top of the U.S. singles chart with their No. 1 single “Bodak Yellow,” which peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard 200. After eight Grammy nominations, the artist is once again making news.

Fans are naturally curious about her personal life, and it’s no surprise. Does Doja Cat have a significant other? Is the Joji rumour true or false? To learn more about her personal life, continue reading.

Does Doja Cat Have a Relationship?

Doja Cat hasn’t made any statements about her love life in the media. This isn’t a surprise, as she previously stated in an interview with Ebro Darden that she doesn’t want to discuss her personal life until she is married.

Fans have speculated about other rumoured companions for the singer, but at least one connection has been made public.

In the Past, With Whom Has She Had an Affair?

Doja Cat was once romantically linked to a musician by the stage name of Jawny, Johnny Utah. According to one of their Instagram Lives, they began dating in 2019.

“Doja Cat stated, “I found his music video for ‘Honeypie,’ and the song didn’t appeal to me.” “However, I was taken by the grace with which you moved. To be honest, I have no idea. It was your underwear. That’s cool, I like your clothes.’ I said. “I love you, sweetheart,” I said after watching his YouTube video and commenting on his Instagram. ‘I love you,’ he said. And then he said something brilliant and amusing in response to one of my photos.”

Who Is Doja Cat Dating

Doja Cat wasn’t following Jawny at the time, but he responded by sending her a really direct message. My tiny cousin saw this picture and was convinced that we were in a relationship, so I shared it with him. Now is not the time to expose me as a liar. “He looks up to me.”

Who Called It Quits on Doja Cat and Johnny Utah?

Even though Doja Cat and her ex are no longer together, they are still on good terms, she explained on Instagram Live. “Everything is fine,” she said. Since I unfollowed my ex-boyfriend, everything is back to normal. We had a lot of fun together.

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No strange things are happening. No commotion or crazy shit is going on here. “It was just not meant to be.”

Do You Think She Had a Relationship With Bree Runway at Some Point?

In 2021, Bree Runway tweeted, “My hot date @DojaCat,” with a ring emoji, and the relationship rumours began. On Instagram, she posted a picture of herself kissing Doja Cat on the cheek with the message, “You know I’m crazy about my woman!?” Dedicated to Doja Cat. A night to remember.”

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Doja Cat, on the other hand, tweeted a romantic message referring to Runway as her girlfriend. As a result, many fans concluded that the two were in a romantic relationship right away. Since the close friends never addressed the rumours, it appears to be all in good fun.

Are They Dating?

Fans believe that Doja Cat is secretly seeing someone fresh thanks to an Instagram Live from February 2022. After a stranger was spotted entering her room, the rapper immediately halted the recording. Since then, his admirers have been using their inner detective to try to deduce who he is. What is everyone’s best guess?


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A post shared by Doja Cat (@dojacat)

Joji is a well-known YouTube personality (George Kusunoki Miller).

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There has been no official confirmation from either party, and the two haven’t been seen together since. However, given that they’ll both be appearing at Coachella this year, we can expect a slew of curious onlookers eager to learn more about their alleged affair.

Is Doja Cat in a Relationship?

I’d like to know who Doja Cat is dating.
Uncertain, but the actress may have accidentally revealed her relationship status during an Instagram Live broadcast in February 2022. A man’s voice could be heard saying “baby” in the background. “I’m on live,” an astonished Doja Cat exclaimed to the mystery man as she altered the camera angle.

Who Is Doja Cat Dating

When she was done, she said to the camera, “Ok, bye.” There is no public record of the man’s identity, but it appears that Doja Cat is not single.


Doja Cat isn’t a shy rapper if you know who you’re dealing with. Her TikToks, I mean, have you seen them? ) As she stated that she’d gone to the bathroom when her huge win was announced at the 2022 Grammys, remember that moment? It’s hard to argue with that.) In addition, fans want to know: What is Doja Cat’s relationship status? Is there a man in Doja’s life? Famous ex-girlfriends? Is it true that Joji is the subject of so many rumours? Friends, it’s time to take a deep dive.

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