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Harold Perrineau Wife: Discovering the Truth About Harold Perrineau and His Wife

Harold Perrineau Wife Who is Harold Perrineau’s wife has been a topic of interest for his fans. Check Harold Perrineau Wife’s Name, Harold Perrineau’s Age, Net Worth, and more in this article.

Harold Perrineau Biography

Well, many individuals may not be familiar with Harold Perrineau, so we have provided his biography here. Harold Perrineau was born on August 7, 1963, according to superstarsbio; he is now 59 years old.

He is a professional actor who holds American citizenship. In his career, Harold Perrineau has gained more popularity, which has increased his fan base. Let’s examine the Harold Perrineau Biography provided in the table below.

Personal Life

Harold Perrineau wed Brittany Robinson, a former actress, and model, in 2002. This couple has three daughters, including the model and actress Aurora Perrineau.

Who is Harold Perrineau Wife?

Numerous individuals are fans of various celebrities from the film industry, sports, modeling, etc. Similarly, Harold Perrineau fans are currently seeking Harold Perrineau’s Wife.

So that we may observe queries on Harold Perrineau’s Wife and Harold Perrineau’s Wife’s Name. These fans would benefit from reading this article to learn more about his relationship status, height, age, and other details.

Harold Perrineau’s career accomplishments are well-known. His fans are eager to know if Harold Perrineau is married or in a relationship.

Brittany Perrineau is Harold Perrineau’s wife, according to superstarsbio. To learn more about Mrs. Harold Perrineau To find out who Harold Perrineau’s girlfriend, consult this article.

Harold Perrineau Wife’s Name

People today are extremely curious about the romantic relationships of their favorite celebrities. On the list, we can see that Harold Perrineau’s Wife is one of the most popular searches, indicating that his fans are curious about who he is dating or living with.

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Brittany Perrineau is Harold Perrineau’s wife, as stated previously. This article would have helped those looking for Harold Perrineau’s wife’s name learn about Harold Perrineau’s wife and much more about Harold Perrineau.

Is Harold Perrineau In A Wheelchair?

Additionally, Perrineau’s television career flourished. In 1997, he rose to prominence as August Hill, a paralyzed convict whose opening statement set the tone for every episode of the HBO drama series Oz. Jim Sullivan of the Boston Globe states that the fictional Oswald State Correctional Facility depicts a society in which “everyone is on edge.”

“There are competing factions everywhere, and every culture has its tribal rivalries. Some black thugs, black Muslims, neo-Nazis, Italians, Latinos, a few Irish, and a few elderly men were present. ABC’s J.R. provides information about Harold Perrineau Jr. and his role as a paralyzed prisoner in The Wizard of Oz.

Harold Perrineau Net Worth

As stated previously, Harold Perrineau’s popularity has increased, so his estimated net worth is provided here. According to superstarsbio, his estimated net worth is $7 million. Harold Perrineau is married to Brittany Perrineau, and they live together happily. Stay connected to our page for numerous additional updates.


Who is the wife of Harold Perrineau?

Brittany Perrineau is the wife of Harold Perrineau.

What is the identity of Harold Perrineau?

Actor Harold Perrineau is.

When was the birth of Harold Perrineau?

The birth date of Harold Perrineau is August 7, 1963.

What is Harold Perrineau’s age?

He has 59 years of age.

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