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What Happened to Sofia Vergara? Is Sofia Vergara Back on AGT?

What Happened to Sofia Vergara? Now that 2023 has here, it’s time to try something fresh. America’s Got Talent team members took this advice to heart as NBC just debuted the newest competition offshoot, America’s Got Talent: All-Stars. This article will discuss What Happened To Sofia Vergara On American Idol.

What Happened to Sofia Vergara?

The new season of America’s Got Talent: All Stars premiered on NBC on January 2, as planned, immediately following New Year’s Eve. However, there will be one significant difference from previous seasons.

Even while Terry Crews will return as host and the judging panel remains mostly identical, fans may be stunned by one notable omission. NBC is adding another overseas spinoff of “America’s Got Talent,” and nearly the entire cast will travel with it.

The network has commissioned “AGT: All-Stars,” a spinoff of the smash popular series that will feature winners, finalists, fan favourites, and Internet sensations from previous seasons of America’s Got Talent and other Got Talent franchises across the world.

What Happened to Sofia Vergara

The participants will return to the stage to compete for the title of top All-Star. Given that over 70 translated versions of this program have been televised internationally since 2006, we won’t even attempt to guess which performers will compete again. One may be anyone.

Sofia Vergara On America’s Got Talent

Sofia Vergara will not be joining Heidi Klum, Simon Cowell, and Howie Mandel this season. The actress’ disappearance has not been addressed, but if the show is extended for another 18 seasons, she will most certainly return for the main season. ‘All-Stars,’ like ‘AGT: Extreme,’ will have a three-judge panel rather than aiming to replace Sofia Vergara. Although some fans may be unaware, when AGT’s official social media channels posted photographs from the forthcoming broadcast, many fans realized Sofia Vergara was missing.

“WHERE IS SOFIA????” one Instagram user inquired. “What happened to Sofia? She is the show’s crowning achievement. If she isn’t there, your show is meaningless “Another one has been added. “We need @sofiavergara in it,” said another admirer.

The host, the three judges, and much other filming information have been revealed ahead of the show’s final broadcast. Simon even prepared a video in December including some of the judges’ stunned reactions and amazing performances from the next season.

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Where is Sofia Now?

Sofia does not feature in any promotional photographs of the judges for America’s Got Talent: All-Stars, meaning she will not be a judge on the show. NBC has not provided an official explanation for Sofia’s absence from AGT: All-Stars. Sofia has been unusually silent about her absence from AGT: All Stars, not even mentioning it on social media, as is customary of an it-girl.

We don’t want to leave, she captioned one of her adorable Instagram images from a lovely trip with a darling pet. Sofia has been on vacation with her husband, Joe Manganiello, who recently celebrated his 46th birthday. The couple rang in the new year at their getaway, the location of which remains a mystery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sofia Have Any New Projects?

Sofia has one new project in the works that is now in post-production, according to her IMDb biography. Sofia plays the title character in the television miniseries Griselda, which depicts the life of the infamous drug lord Griselda Blanco.

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Is Sofia Vergara Back on AGT?

Terry Crews will return as a presenter, and while the judging panel is essentially the same, there is one major change that may disappoint viewers. This season, Sofia Vergara will not be appearing alongside Heidi Klum, Simon Cowell, and Howie Mandel.


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