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What Happened to the Sonic Guys? Were the Sonic Guys Terminated?

What Happened to the Sonic Guys? Sonic Drive-mascots In’s for the better part of the 21st century were two generic guys in a car chatting about how great Sonic Drive-In is. The in-car antics of the pair, performed by improv comedians T.J. Jagodowski and Peter Grosz, became popular enough to get significant airtime and national attention, despite the fact that there was nothing innately distinctive about them.

Who are Sonic Guys?

Both Jagodowski and Grosz grew up in Chicago’s famous improv comedy culture (via Biz Journals). Barkley Advertising cast the two comedians, who drew on their prior experience to riff on and promote the Oklahoma-based fast food company in an authentic manner throughout filming.

Executives from the advertising agency that created the original advertisements told Tulsa World that the “Two Guys,” as they were eventually dubbed, quickly gained a considerable following.

What Happened to the Sonic Guys?

Sonic dropped Two Guys in 2010 (via The New York Times), and Jagodowski and Grosz took matters into their own hands in 2012, aiming to reclaim their paid commercial gig. To get their message through, Jagodowski and Grosz made their own videos for YouTube, complete with a chicken assault, an Elizabethan neck ruff, and a superhero traffic stop. Sonic’s effort paid off, as the company has brought back its lovable spokesmen.

What Happened to the Sonic Guys

Unfortunately, the get-together was doomed to fail. Forbes reported in February that Sonic was saying goodbye to Jagodowski and Grosz for a second time. The fast food chain with the most drive-throughs decided to change its marketing strategy to reflect the demographics of its actual clientele.

Sonic is not eliminating the spirit of improvisation that the Two Guys introduced. Instead of focusing on the brand itself in advertising, Sonic will instead be following four American families as they eat at Sonic without any narration.

Sonic’s Two Guys are still busy despite abandoning their commercial careers. Grosz is a writer for At Home with Amy Sedaris, and Jagodowski may be heard voicing a character in the audio comedy Escape from Virtual Island, which also stars Paul Rudd, Kenan Thompson, and Jane Krakowski (via IMDB).

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Why Did They Fire the Sonic Team?

Can you tell me what became of the two guys from the Sonic commercials? Not once have I run into them recently. Drive-in restaurant business A chose to launch “a new marketing strategy that focuses on genuine consumers and their experiences,” as reported by in February.

Were the Sonic Employees Terminated?

Ads featuring Jagodowski and Peter Grosz joking about the fast food chain’s drive-through locations first aired in 2002, but they have since been replaced by commercials featuring four real families.

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How Much Do the Sonic Guys Make?

Staff Compensation at Sonic Concepts Ltd. About $9.90 per hour is the going rate for crew members. If you work a standard 40-hour week for 52 weeks, this equates to a weekly wage of about $396 and a yearly pay of $20,592.

The fact that carhops at select Sonic locations can earn far more than the rest of the crew is something that many crew members learn very quickly.

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