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Is Alex Fresh Leaving Jubal Show? What Happened To Alex?

Is Alex Fresh Leaving Jubal Show?

Yes, Alex Fresh is leaving the Jubal Show. On January 9, 2023, the RJ posted on Instagram that she was leaving.

Alex Fresh is a radio host who has to run her family’s entertainment business. She has to co-host, produce, and direct content, as well as organize stand-up comedy tours, where she has the unfortunate job of keeping the crew in line.

Jubal has done stand-up comedy in the Springs. He and his wife, Alex Fresh, and “English” Evan are back with their Show.

Alex is Jugal’s wife. She joined him on a podcast, which grew to three podcasts a week and is now a radio show.

In addition to being a radio host, the host is a beast at HALO on Xbox and works to get rid of the negative stereotypes about using cannabis for fun.

Is Alex Fresh Leaving Jubal Show?

Yes, Alex told her 27.6k Instagram followers who follow her under the handle @thatdreas that she was leaving the Show.

Alex was kept on when her husband Jubal joined the station in August 2020. Omelia worked in sales at iHeartMedia Seattle before Alex added him to the “Carla Marie & Anthony” morning show on 106.1 KBKS.

She wrote that her leaving “The Jubal Show” came as a surprise.

Alex’s reaction has taken longer than expected; she may be leaving to take care of her mental health and herself.

Alex has said that she appreciates her fans listening and that she will always be thankful for her time on the Show.

The host also said that she still has a lot of questions to answer, but that she is not retiring, and she even hinted that she might come back.

What Happened To Alex Fresh?

Sources say that after nine years on the popular radio show Brooke & Jubal In The Morning, Jubal Fresh said that he was leaving.

Since the beginning of 2020, the YouTuber, comedian, and podcaster have not been on the show.

After the fight with the producers, Jugal had already said he was leaving.

The show that Alex’s husband Jubal does with his friend Brooke has funny parts like “Phone Tap,” “Second Date,” and “Loser Line.” The hosts often make fun of everyday things.

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The Jubal Show segment (“Phone Tap: Stop With the Baby Stuff”) was about a woman who was pregnant and made a lot of noise at work by showing off her first ultrasound scan too many times.

Is Alex Fresh Fired?

As soon as Alex said she was leaving the Jubal Show, fans thought there must be some drama behind her decision.

People in Colorado Springs were excited when they turned on 98.9 Magic FM/KKMG-FM and heard “The Jubal Show” instead of “Brooke and Jeffrey in the Morning.”

Sources say that “The Jubal Show” has moved into the 6–10 a.m. time slot on the station during the week. Jubal is Jubal Fresh, also known as Jubal Flagg. People who have been listening for a long time know him because before “Brooke and Jeffreyin the Morning,” Jubal and co-host Brooke Fox had a syndicated show called “Brooke & Jubal.”

The Jugal Show was on Magic FM from March 2016 to April 2020, when her husband, Jubal, quit after being gone for a few months without saying why.

After Jugal left, the show was renamed “Brooke and Jeffrey in the Morning,” and Jeff “Young Jeffrey” Dubow joined as a co-host.

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