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What Is Reto Clonazepam On Tiktok? 500 Challenge Incidents Involving Mexican Children!

What does Reto Clonazepam mean on Tiktok? Eight kids in Mexican schools got sick because of the “Reto Clonazepam challenge” on TikTok. People of all ages take this medicine to treat seizures. It is also used to treat anxiety, inability to sleep, and panic attacks.

Five students from Mexico City and three students from Nuevo León have been hurt by the use of anxiolytics in the last 48 hours. The people in charge in the capital city warn people not to follow this trend.

In recent days, the Mexico City Ministry of Citizen Security (SSC) Cybernetic Police Unit warned about a TikTok challenge that encourages kids to hurt themselves and put their lives at risk.

Authorities have found that the trend has spread all over Mexico. Paramedics from Rescue Squad and Emergency Medical Services (ERUM) took care of eight children at the Francisco I. Madero school in the San Rafael neighborhood.

What Does Reto Clonazepam Look Like on Tiktok?

The “clonazepam challenge,” which means “whoever sleeps the longest, wins,” is a popular TikTok challenge. Since early January, when authorities in Mexico City warned about the risks of following this trend, they have been worried about it.

The lives of children are “threatened” by this situation. In the last 48 hours, eight Mexican kids, five from the capital and three from Nuevo León, were given anxiolytics, which can only be bought with a prescription, at their schools.

Five of them may have been poisoned, and three of them have been taken to the hospital just to be safe. The authorities say that the kids are healthy. The medicine can make people too sleepy, make them salivate more, hurt their muscles or joints, and make their vision blurry.

How to Complete the Reto Clonazepam Challenge?

The government presents the Reto Clonazepam case as a fight against the way that anxiolytics make people feel sleepy.

Students bring medications for anxiety to school, take them, and then watch how they work. As the name suggests, the person who stays awake the longest wins the challenge. Since January, the virus threat has spread to more states in Mexico. On September 9, seven kids from a school in Veracruz took this substance and got drunk.

The governor of the area, Cuitláhuac Garca, said that the teens had thirty clonazepam pills and that the Executive will look into what happened and punish those who were involved.

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500 Challenge Incidents Involving Mexican Children

At the beginning of the month, this and other network-wide problems were brought to the attention of the Cybernetic Police of Mexico City, which is in charge of keeping an eye on the Internet and “patrolling” it.

Around 500 Mexican children were affected by this problem in 2022, according to the government.

Even though videos with the tag “clonazepam” have been watched 82 million times, this publication hasn’t found any TikToks with the features described by the Cyber Police.

The SSC says that ERUM staff took three kids to a hospital to get specialized medical care. Two children, on the other hand, stayed with relatives who decided to move them on their own. No participants have been reported to be very sick, which is good news.

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