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What Does DTB Mean on Tiktok? When to Use?

Millions of TikTok users continuously create new trends and slang, making it difficult for many to keep up with the language’s rapid evolution.

Many people are confused by the new app acronym ‘DTB’ that is circulating.

DTB Means On Tiktok

DTB is an acronym for “Don’t Trust B*****s” or “Don’t Trust Boys” that was popularised on the app by A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie.

The utilization of the acronym on the internet has acquired great traction due to its multiple interpretations.

The hashtag DTB has received 500 million impressions, while DTB4L, followed by a broken heart emoji, has received 23.6 million impressions.

What Does DTB Mean on Tiktok

Others have utilised it to illustrate warning signs from previous relationships with untrustworthy individuals.

In the majority of usages of the acronym, a sense of betrayal is prevalent.

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According to The Sun, the rapper commonly known as A Boogie Wit A Hoodie, Julius Dubose, is responsible for the birth of the acronym.

In his upcoming single “DTB 4 Life,” DuBose raps about his trust concerns in relationships and with himself.

A Boogie Wit Other successful rap songs by A Hoodie include “Jungle” and “Still Think of You.”

This generation has abandoned dating for life, most likely as a result of prior relationships that resulted in hurt and mistrust, as expressed by the slogan “DTB 4 Life.”

The user decides whether “Don’t Trust Boys” or “Don’t Trust B******s” is intended.

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What is the Other Meaning of DTB?

While half of “DTB” users lament their lack of trust in men, the other half express a different sentiment. Some users, predominantly men, interpret DTB to mean “Don’t trust b——s.” In a video uploaded by the user @imsmoothcody, he vents to the camera about his current relationship situation.

In another video posted by @pk.aftermidnight, a man with a mask covering the majority of his face can be seen staring at the camera. The on-screen text reads, “Your chapter in my book has ended, but for some reason, I cannot turn the page.” The background music is “Traitor” by Olivia Rodrigo, which is about a complicated situation.

What Does DTB Mean on Tiktok

This user’s hashtag section is filled with a variety of depressing terms and one acronym: “DTB.”

So there it is! Due to the “DTB” trend, TikTok is filled with stories of heartbreak, betrayal, and mistrust. We hope you will not need to participate, but if you do, you are now aware of how to do so.

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DTB: When to Use?

On any texting-related platform, the abbreviation “DTB” may be used. Such platforms include WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, among others.

Nevertheless, you must ensure that the slang is popular in your chat groups and among your friends. For example, you can text DTB if you do not wish to be interrupted by WhatsApp messages in your family group. Your grandmother, unaware of the meaning of the acronym, repeatedly texts you to inquire about it. This might be irritating!

  • In a nutshell, the acronym DTB serves the following functions:
  • To prevent further conversation.
  • Notify the recipient that they have not responded to your text.
  • You can also use it when you do not want a response from the client in an email.

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