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What Does OP Mean in TikTok?

OP is a word that is commonly used across a variety of social networks, including TikTok. If you’ve seen it used in the comments area but have no idea what it means, the explanation provided below should clear things up for you.

TikTok is presently one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, and new users are flocking to the app on a daily basis to view the enormous amount of content that is currently available in the app as well as to contribute their own videos.

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TikTok users, just like users of any other social media platform, utilise a variety of slang terminology and acronyms. Some of these terms were created specifically for usage on TikTok, while others were already in use before the application became so popular.

“OP” is a highly common term that is used across a wide variety of social networks, such as Reddit, Twitter, TikTok, and many others.

If you’ve come across this term while using the app, the explanation of what it means is provided in its entirety below.

What does OP mean in TikTok?

On the internet, “original poster” is frequently referred to as “OP.” This is a way to address the user who initially published the message or began the debate, and it is used in that capacity.

The user who initially uploaded the video to TikTok is typically referred to as the “OP” in the app. Commenters will refer to this word if they have something to say about the original user or the stuff that user has contributed. This is especially helpful in situations in which commenters are confused about the name of the TikToker.

Although you will see the OP used most frequently in the app’s comment sections, you may also observe that it is used by users who stitch or duet another video together.

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